10 farewells: “The next chapter will be amazing”

Decades of experience departed Network 10 buildings around the country yesterday with on-air farewells for talent in front of, and behind, the camera.

Sadly in the case of Tim Bailey and Natarsha Belling, they were not on screen to be thanked in person, but their contribution was acknowledged by many on social media.

There were tears, highlights packages, flowers and families across the day, from Studio 10 to news bulletins in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

ViacomCBS Australia & New Zealand chief content officer and EVP, Beverley McGarvey, also sent a staff note yesterday saying, “Among those leaving us are some well-known and much loved faces and I would like to acknowledge their enormous contribution and the unavoidable impacts of the public nature of our changes on them. Their special connection with audiences and our teams makes periods like these particularly challenging. There are many others who have played a key role with the network, who equally deserve our praise and appreciation for their professionalism. Whether you have been on our screens, behind the scenes or integral to how we engage with our audiences in other ways, know that each and every one of you goes with our deepest admiration. On behalf of the network, and in particular, Ross, Frank, and Jason, I would like to thank those who are leaving us today for their service, commitment and contribution to the company. You’ll continue to have our warmest wishes and support into the future.”


  1. Sad to see Mike go, he was a breath of fresh air. I have been watching the WIN Tasmanian local news from Wollongong I think and apart from a lot of mistakes in getting local suburbs pronounced correctly, it is not too bad. I wish that some of the people have their mikes placed correctly as you can hear some breaths really loud. You don’t hear them on ABC TV, so why on WIN news.

  2. Sad to see at any time when a person loses a job. However TEN news does not rate enough and hence the losses it is incurring in the News department. ViacomCBS management will be trying their utmost to make the business profitable in other areas. The long awaited move in to SVOD is a smart move in my opinion.

  3. Watching those videos on Tarsh, Kak & Joe just shows they should have never been let go! You should Never get rid of some of your best talent it just makes no sense to. Ten News has always been the poor child of News who needed more investment not less & as the lead in for the night it should have been looked after better. I’d be very interested to see the difference if News Budgets across the networks.

  4. It is a total insult to have a ‘local’ news program filmed in another state! The whole reason the local news works as it’s read by people who live here, have a connection to the people and suburbs being reported on. All the news will be now is someone mindlessly reading a teleprompter!

  5. A very sad time for all the people that lost their jobs at 10. I assume that their viewers will drop for the fact that local news will not be produced. A horrible decision by 10.

    • On social media – a lot of negative comments regarding the non local bulletins in Bris/Adel/Per. Many say that they will no longer watch 10 News. It’s a shame that their views will continue to decline.

    • and from the sign offs that I saw they were all very much like “this is the end” for Ten News. No mention that there will still be bulletins (albeit from elsewhere) from Monday, so they pretty much tell the viewers that’s it. Be interesting to see how many tune in from Monday.

  6. The wrong people are being let go. Experienced talented and well liked people. People tune in to see people they know, like and trust. This cant be said of the poor management that TEN has now and ever since John McAlpine left in 2005. One of McAlpine’s great moves was having a “flat management structure and “young” target demographic of 16 to 39-year-olds” . TEN needs to clean out their failing and under performing management. The only thing I can think is that they are trimming up costs and are looking to offload the network….

  7. Sad departures of so many professionals, and emotions on high. Perhaps this is the time to look at a true National Bulletin format as in US and UK. A local content 30 minutes before or after a National/International 30 – 60 minutes (or is this the way they are going anyway?).
    Personally think this is the structure the ABC could run with from 6:30pm – 7:30pm, the ABC News Channel operates a national rolling service successfully without viewers demanding local news presenters. Dare I suggest more or diverted resources to news gathering and less to local presentation teams will see viewers the winners?
    Been back in Australia for a year now after 15 years in the UK, cannot believe the tabloid format and dumbing down of news on the commercials ….. but that is another story altogether!

    • ajh – a simple way to check the demand for “a true National Bulletin format ” would be to see what the first 5 or 6 items are on each 7pm ABC TV bulletins in the main capitals over a few weeks. If 4 or 5 items were usually the same across stations, then I’d support your view to have a national format. However, if the first few news items tended to be different on each capital city bulletin (or show a different/local perspective of the same topic) then clearly the ABC should continue with local news. An example is COVID-19 coverage. I live in Melbourne and we see Dan Andrews for 10 minutes every night. I doubt if Perth ABC gives the same coverage to Dan.

    • Have news numbers dropped.? Seven news is the top ratings show of all with 1m every day. The problem is Ten. Nothing to do with news in general.Viewers just don’t watch Tens news in big numbers.

  8. I didn’t watch the final Perth-based news bulletin (as I was out having dinner with other people) but it was very sad to see Mon, Goss and Schultz leave the network.

  9. What an absolute disaster channel 10 keeps turning in to, 1 thing viewers want is local news. They should’ve done a national bulletin at 5 and local at 6. It was sad watching Rebecca Morse sign off for the last time.

    10 and it’s management need to take a good look at what they’re doing before the network goes down in flames again.

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