Hot Tip: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here to film in Nov, Dec.

10 series takes a cautious approach with almost all of its reality series to be shot this year.

TV Tonight understands I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will film all of its season in November and December, save for a Live finale in January.

It’s the latest in massive changes to television prompted by the 2020 curveball that is COVID-19.

Filming is tipped to get underway in mid-November at the site near Murwillumbah, NSW, normally used by the UK series and conclude in December. Similar to the Big Brother model, a Live finale would ensure the audience still chooses the winner.

As 10 Head of Entertainment Stephen Tate confirmed to Mediaweek, “The fact that we won’t have a time difference that Africa gave us will mean the show will need to be prerecorded.”

The changes are also necessary to keep all cast and crew safe and to ensure the show is safely in the can and not impacted by COVID disruption.

Of course, the show normally pre-records its challenges and camp footage anyway, with hosts Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown providing live links and eliminations, so the changes are actually rather minimal.

Tate added, “We have some exciting and very funny creative solutions around that. ITV has come up with some brilliant ideas and I can’t wait for the audience to see them.”

10 declined to comment but the network is set to reveal plans at its Upfronts in October.

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  1. Am wondering if the change is actually related to the site as it sounds like they’ll film when the UK version should take place. I believe Germany usually films there in January so perhaps they are hoping that might be able to go ahead.

  2. Love this show and love that it’s coming back. Don’t care where or when it’s filmed so long as it’s funny! We’ll need a laugh in Jan to put the worst year ever behind us! Surely they’ve tried Zac Efron – he’s in Byron Bay.

    1. I guess if there’s an outbreak while filming if you are doing it live then there’s no show for 14 days while they self isolate, ironic given they’re already isolated I know, but at least this way they can get ahead of any potential shutdowns.

  3. The best part about this show is that it is live…maybe Chris and Julia can still film the live cross-over segments and eliminations, even if its at night?

    The UK can still do their upcoming season live, I don’t get why they couldn’t do it here…

  4. I understand this as a breakout during airing would leave nothing to air if it was live, but not the time difference comment. The UK does live trials so the time thing doesn’t make sense As a comment.
    Also interested how they will do audience votes as that’s how they raise money for charity.

  5. So not having a time difference of a few hours means they have to record weeks in advance? What rubbish – fair enough if you admit it’s pre-recorded whilst they can get it in the can without COVID restrictions getting in the way, but otherwise it could be at least recorded 24 hours or so ahead of broadcast and still have a live finale.

    1. It would be better if they did the Big Brother model – all the things that we watch are pre-recorded, but the eliminations e.c.t happen at night, with the tucker trials happening the next morning. A small shift, but still keeping the same semi-live formula. Heck, you can even have Chris and Julia live hosting the show just like Gretel Kileen did back in BB’s prime!

    1. Having said that, let me say this……
      I would rather have a program than not, particularly where there are opportunities for jobs so I recognise some things need to change to make it happen.

  6. So the public won’t get to vote out people & who does the tucker trials so we will get stuck with the boring/horrible people like we were with Big Brother. Don’t know how this is going to work.

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