Filming begins on Kitty Flanagan comedy

Filming has commenced in Melbourne on ABC’s new six-part comedy series Fisk (previous working title, Entitled) starring Kitty Flanagan.

Flanagan stars as Helen Tudor-Fisk, a contract lawyer who is forced to take a job at a shabby suburban law firm specialising in wills and probate, Fisk is a fast-paced workplace sitcom that taps into the everyday world of inheritances and squabbling relatives.

Produced by Vincent Sheehan (Operation Buffalo, The Kettering Incident) written and co-directed by Kitty Flanagan, the series also stars Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold, Aaron Chen, Glenn Butcher and John Gaden.

Kitty Flanagan says, “This is the dream. My own show with all my favourite people both in front of the camera and behind it too. I’m thrilled to be making this in Melbourne for the ABC. We have such amazing, creative people in Australia, the more local content we can turn out, the better.”

Todd Abbott, ABC Head of Comedy says “Kitty Flanagan is, quite simply, one of the funniest humans alive, and a show created by and starring her is long overdue. Every page of these scripts is laugh-out-loud funny, and the cast and crew that she’s pulled together guarantee this series is going to be a ripper. What a treat for all of us.”

Fisk will air in 2021.

Production Credit: A Porchlight Films production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. With major investment from Screen Australia and financed with support from Film Victoria. Written by Kitty Flanagan and Penny Flanagan. Co-directed by Kitty Flanagan and Tom Peterson. Produced by Vincent Sheehan. Executive Producers Greg Sitch, Liz Watts, Anita Sheehan. ABC Executive Producers Todd Abbott and Brett Sleigh.


  1. I have enjoyed Kitty’s humour and hope to enjoy this next year. Having worked in a jewellers, older patrons often shared which jewellery items were wanted by relatives even though they were still living. It was quite horrifying that people felt entitled to ‘claim’ times form the living before they died.

  2. It sounds like it could be very interesting. The casting is already a major drawcard. Law firm sitcom comedy has been done before with Shaun Micallef’s ‘Welcher & Welcher’, though the more family law aspect looks to be a point of difference in Fisk. I’d prefer to see the title ‘Tudor-Fisk’ if it is apt.

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