The Block 2021 confirms Hampton cul-de-sac

2021 season is set to look like Ramsay St. meets The Block

Nine has now confirmed Bronte Court, Hampton as site for The Block 2021, as first revealed by TV Tonight.

Nine has reportedly purchased 5 properties in the picturesque suburban cul-de-sac. One of the homes belonged to buyer’s advocate and The Block auction regular Nicole Jacobs.

Domain reports MicJoy Pty Ltd purchased Ms Jacobs’ property, renovated last year by Block architect Julian Brenchley, in June for $3,025,000. It claims other homes will sell to MicJoy over coming months, though none have yet settled, public title records show.

It’s rare for producers to confirm the location this far, but sources suggest Nine is looking to get on the front foot, and get the Council on side.

“An idea of how to make the show that we’ve always dreamed of, but have never been able to find a property that’s suitable, that fits the build, doing it the way that we wanted to do it,” producer Julian Cress said previously.

“We’re really excited about next year, because we have found a property that actually meets that brief that we’ve set ourselves, it’s something that we’ve never done before and we’re very excited about it.”


  1. Seems like a phenomenal amount of money to drop on a house they plan to move, and replace with the skeleton of another, or destroy.

    What was that quote given when Nine lost The Voice, something about the cost to make The Block dwarfs in comparison to the licensing right fees alone for producing The Voice? Puts things into perspective.

    Curious if this will result in Nicole having a larger or smaller role in next year’s series.
    More curious about the sale prices of the other four houses and the order in which they were sold to production.

  2. they bought a house that’s just been renovated? Seems to go against the usual The Block premise of buying run down old properties. Are they going to trash a newly-renovated house just so they can make a TV show about renovating a house?

  3. I don’t get it… I thought the idea was to renovate the house whilst the show was on; not before. So they’re going to “re-renovate” the house again in the space of 12 months?

    • I too was confused, what is the point of renovating the house further when it was “renovated last year by Block architect Julian Brenchley, in June for $3,025,000.” My mind boggles at how much 9 will have to pay for the homes, especially if the haven’t settled yet and probably ruining what looks pictured as a lovely 1950’s contemporary home.

      • “Purchased” by Ch 9 (MicJoy Pty Ltd) from Nicole Jacobs for $3,025,000. Not renovated for $3,025,000. It’s all in the placement of the commas.

        • @nik Yes, that’s how I read the article too. As I understand, Ms Jacobs purchased the property for $1.59m in Mar 2017 and since has renovated it. Subsequently, it was sold for $3.025m this June for the show. I wonder how much is to gain from all of this…

          With the other supposed properties in the cul-de-sac, having a greater financial benefit; how much profit will the contestants get ‘re-renovating’ again. Photos of the property are online from 2012 and 2017.

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