Friday Flashback: Joy Westmore

Memories today of the great Joy Westmore, who passed away yesterday aged 88.

She was adept at drama and comedy, both of which were on display inside the walls of Wentworth Detention Centre  ….tap dancing through Reception, mixing it up with laughing gas, Joy could always be relied upon.

She played Officer Joyce Barry for 246 episodes of Prisoner from 1979 – 1986.

Farewell and thanks…


  1. daveinprogress

    I nearly didn’t see this one, but am sad to read of another death – Joy Westmore was a wonderful ensemble player in Prisoner and made her mark; showing a great range as an actor – managing the drama, the comedy and even the panto elements of the show (when it went there)

    I had just one meeting with Joy – on the phone some 25 years ago and it was dare i say a ‘joy’ to interact with her. I made sure I told her how much I enjoyed her work on the seminal series.

  2. Lol, David that clip just serves to remind me how silly Prisoner could be. Joy Westmore against Maggie Kirkpatrick was always good fun, you can even see how much they enjoyed working together.

  3. It’s wonderful to watch Prisoner and see how she went from basically an extra to a regular in just a few years. Sad to hear of her passing, she was a great actor

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