Vale: Sandy Harbutt

Aussie actor Sandy Harbutt, best known for writing, directing & producing 1974 biker movie Stone, has died, aged 79.

He died on Saturday in Wollongong hospital according to friends on social media.

Harbutt got the idea for Stone in 1970 when he wrote a script for an episode of The Long Arm . In the low budget film he played Undertaker, a Vietnam war veteran and leader of the GraveDiggers. The film starred Ken Shorter and featured Rebecca Gilling, Bill Hunter and Helen Morse. Several of the cast went on to appear in Mad Max 5 years later. The film was featured in the documentary, Not Quite Hollywood, in which Quentin Tarantino expressed admiration for the film.

Harbutt also had TV roles in Matlock Police, Homicide, Skippy, Riptide, Adventures of the Seaspray, Division 4 and The Evil Touch.

Photo: BugleOnline


  1. RIP Sandy. I met him at an anniversary screening of Stone. It’s a pity that he only made one film.

    I remember Des Mangan introducing Stone on SBS Cult Movies once. He was saying the Sandy directed the film, co-wrote the script, starred in it, etc, etc “why he didn’t also do the catering I’ll never know”

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