New projects for Rove

Two new projects on Rove's roster ...could they be for ABC & 7TWO?

Rove McManus has two projects on the horizon, but is keeping mum on what they may entail.

“I’ve got one-off something before the end of the year, which will be nice to do and then a very fun animated-based thing for next year, that I’m not allowed to talk about yet,” he told TV Tonight this week.

But could they be projects with ABC and 7TWO?

McManus has previously hosted companion chat show Whovians for ABC -a new Revolution of the Daleks special is due on January 2, but he has also hosted the kid’s portion of New Year’s Eve for ABC.

As for the animated project, McManus denied it would be more Monster Beach for Cartoon Network, but he’s also voiced 7TWO’s Kitty is not a Cat from the same producers, BES Animation.

Watch this space…

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