Tipping Point goes primetime

Laid back UK game show will screen on Saturday nights.

Laid back UK game show Tipping Point gets a primetime slot on Saturdays, at least over the next few weeks.

It will be followed by movies at 8:30pm.

Hosted by Ben Shepherd, four players are pit against a mesmerising machine. There are mystery prizes and a jaw- dropping jackpot up for grabs for any player with the skill and strategy to see off their human rivals and conquer the machine.

7:30pm Saturday on Nine.

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  1. This is my secret addiction – I love Tipping Point!!!! Ben makes the show though – can’t imagine it doing so well with a locally made show – I love his warmth towards the contestants – he seems genuinely happy for them when they win! (Unlike Sam & Kochie when it’s Cash Cow time and they can’t get off the phone quick enough…)

  2. Interesting move with having The Tipping Point air in primetime – even if it is just an episode a week, on a Saturday, in January.

    I wonder that if it rates well enough – if they’d consider a local version? Even as a once-a-week type show (and eventually as a weekday version)? Like how Deal or No Deal and Millionaire used to be.

  3. Just saw the ad for this during the Today Show. Tipping Point has been popping up all over the Nine schedule. Not just 3pm weekdays, but late at night and weekend afternoons. In my opinion, all for very good reason…..its currently the best game show on Aussie tv. Hopefully a local version (with anyone but Eddie hosting) is being considered.

    To friends and family I know that have watched it, they don’t like the random element of the machine. How quickly we forget about similar elements in some of our most successful gameshows ever in Australia. I’m thinking Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal. With half decent knowledge strategy is definitely the winning element in this show for contestants……. and it takes several viewings to appreciate the role strategy plays.

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