Beau Ryan: $800k for hosting Amazing Race Straya

It's not often a host will admit to their salary....

It’s not often a host will admit to their salary but this morning on Kyle & Jackie O, 10 host Beau Ryan revealed his salary for The Amazing Race Australia.

He said he negotiates based on work input, regardless of whether it’s airing as breakfast TV or primetime.

“When you get paid for something you look at the hours. How long are we working here? I don’t care what time it is.”

With Amazing Race he considered how long he was away from home, being two and a half months.

“How much did you get for that?” Kyle asked.

“Ahhhh…. 800,” he replied.

“$800? That’s better than Jobstart allowance,” Kyle quipped.

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  1. David, would you please have a look at The Amazing Race Australia, to see how they have lost control of the concept this season? It’s just gone a second week without any eliminations, and there seems to have been an abundance of non-elimination rounds this time. Also, why is it after 14 episodes in, there are still 8 teams on the run? TEN has stretched this season so badly, it has run out of suspense and steam. I am about to turn off. TEN, you flogged this one to death.

    1. Agree it is stretched, and have filed on this before…. it’s important to remember that at the time of production it was hard to get anything made. So yes I think they have stretched the format because they had mounted the production. There was 1 team culled last week and should be 1 tonight. Not ideal, but there’s the context.

  2. With so much cost cutting in the past 12 months due to plunging ad revenue because of both covid and the overall well-documented steady shift away from FTA TV to the point where some famous faces have been dumped all together, it’s pretty amazing people like this are still getting paid sums like this.

  3. $800,000 for doing the best hosting job on television? That’s obscene! Beau, if you ever decide to “retire” from hosting duties, I’ll happily take on your role fir that amount of money!

      1. I agree it’s probably a 3 year deal. For Beau Ryan, on TV, he’s not a 800k per year talent – for those dollars, you get the A+ talent such as the Sunrise people, Today, certain Project cast etc. Lisa Wilkinson being the exception and he’s not in that class. 2019/2021 is 32 episodes total. Add another 20 episodes for 2022 makes at total of 52 episodes which works out at $15,385 per ep – which is about the right fee for the hosting gig on a show like that on a channel like 10.

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