Friday Flashback: The Weakest Link

Today marks 20 years since The Weakest Link debuted on Australian television, with the inimitable Cornelia Frances.

Years before Tom Gleeson found success as a gnarly host, Cornelia Frances took great delight in sending contestants out the door.

In the US The Weakest Link is currently enjoying a revival on NBC, with host Jane Lynch.

So that got me to thinking….

Who would be the perfect host for a revival in Australia?

I vote Gretel Killeen.

Also easy to shoot with social distancing…. just sayin’!


  1. John McEnroe if you could afford him or Virginia Trioli.
    She knows how to cut someone down to size.
    Although it was all scripted when I worked on it.

  2. I’d look to people who are good at barbs on Twitter e.g. Nakkiah Lui, Catherine Deveney, etc.

    I also see Courtney Act mentioned and I think a shady drag queen would be a really fresh take (might be too daring for a Channel 7 audience though haha). I don’t think Courtney is that shady but maybe we’ll have another contender after Drag Race Down Under airs.

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