Rumour: The Weakest Link for Nine?

20 years since it first aired on Australian television, one quiz show could be making a comeback.

20 years since it first aired on Australian television, the rumour mill suggests The Weakest Link is heading back to Australian television.

A ‘Quizical’ casting notice for trivia experts is believed to be for a new version of The Weakest Link for Nine: “A quiz show where everyone is invited to play. We are looking for individuals who aren’t afraid to have some fun, have a friendly but competitive nature and who can answer quiz questions or have a good time trying. The only thing we ask you to bring is a positive attitude and be ready to have some laughs.”

It comes as personality-led quiz show Hard Quiz draws big numbers for ABC and the USA reboots The Weakest Link with former Glee star Jane Lynch.

TV Tonight recently reflected on who could host a new version in Australia… Gretel Killeen, anyone? But a host for a new version is still a guessing game.

Cornelia Frances hosted the series for Seven in 2001 – 2002.

Nine as been contacted for comment.

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  1. It will never work again, in fact it didn’t work the first time. Francis saying “You are the weakest link, goodbye” was mildly amusing the first time but the public quickly tired of it. In the end, people were screaming for this show to be taken off TV.

    There is another reason why the public don’t want it. It was so identified with John Howard, the Baby Bonus and terrorism that the public certainly doesn’t want to go back there. It was probably the lowest point in our whole history. Never forget that an episode of this show went to air on September 11, 2001.

    Nostalgia is not a valid reason for reviving a show which deserves to remain in the trashcan of TV history.

    1. Are you sure an ep went to air on Sept 11th?
      Would have been Sept 12th here, and from what I remember, all stations did “rolling coverage” for about 36 hours straight.

    1. You bloody genius! Yes! Bronwyn Bishop would be a great choice. She’s certainly got the look and voice for it (though I am still sour about her reckless spending of taxpayer dollars).

      Not sure what she’s up to these days, but I think she sometimes gives interviews on Sky News (certainly worlds away from her celebrity gossiping daughter’s turf). Her age (78) may also be a hindrance depending on the demands of the job.

      But I absolutely agree with some of the others that Cornelia Frances is an almost impossibly tough act to follow.

  2. I gave my picks in the other thread but knowing Nine they’ll probably give it to Eddie Mcguire or Leila McKinnon or some bland newsreader haha. I do think Hard Quiz has taken up the mantle pretty well though, it’ll be hard to do better than Tom Gleeson.

  3. Cornelia Frances was bloody brilliant in our version (may she rest in peace) and I have been watching old episodes of both the UK and Aussie series in the last few weeks and had long forgotten how much I loved the show as a kid. Anne Robinson never did do anything for me while Cornelia nailed the cold headmistress archetype.

    Gretel Killeen could potentially do well if she puts on a sterner persona, but I can’t think of any local “stars” that could otherwise do the role justice. Somebody fly Pam Ferris in.

    The new US version is bloody awful though. I liked Lynch on Glee, but the role is poorly suited for her, and the canned laughter is bloody nauseating. I didn’t care for some of the politically motivated questions either.

  4. Gretel Killeen’s TV personality comes across as too nice –
    You want the strict school principal type, not the cool teacher.

    They want a type similar to the Tom Gleeson character on Hard Quiz – whose success was probably the reason they decided to bring it back.

    Like the old days, Channel 9 could have simply lured Tom Gleeson with a bag full of cash, but they would not want to upset Tracy – she’s too valuable.

    TV Lesson No. 1 – never upset the talent on the way up.

  5. This reads like the article published yesterday under the heading ‘Auditions – Quiz Show’. Heads up trivia fans… BBC Studios Australia is looking for contestants for a new quiz show ………..?

      1. I remember it fondly and not sure how I feel about this news. Cornelia made this show. I think it would be a slap in the face to her if they got a new host. If it was called a different show then that would be fine.

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