“The Amazing Farce”: fans not happy with twist

Fans question a plot twist when a new team is dropped into the race in the 7th episode.

Diehard fans of The Amazing Race Australia took to social media last night after the show introduced its very first “Stowaways” -an intruder team who have joined the race in the 7th episode.

Fans called the move AFLW players Marijana Rajčić and Chelsea Randall were lucky enough to skip multiple challenges and eliminations when they were dropped into the show in Darwin. It’s the first time the twist has been introduced.

But fans vented on Twitter:

The Amazing Race isn’t a show that works with intruders because all the other teams have been racing for a very long time and are probably beyond exhausted – then a new team comes in and not only are they starting full of energy, they have less teams to compete against.

Sorry but nope, this defeats the purpose of the entire race. Not to mention, unfair to the teams that have been eliminated already. #AmazingRaceAU is starting to get messy.

Why can’t you just follow the normal tried and tested format of the US series? What is the point of introducing a new team part way through?

This is actually worse than any twists @Survivor_AU has tried to pull. What are you lot thinking?????

This is THE AMAZING FARCE #AmazingRaceAu

This is the AMAZING RACE, not big brother. Stupid concept. Considering the other cast members have been racing from the start.

is this an April Fools’ Joke a month and half early? cause you have to be kidding

Yeah, I hate to be rude, but I don’t like this twist … it goes against the entire spirit of the race.

Who is making all these terrible decisions? Have they never watched the race before? It all seems like last-minute BS

Please don’t, this is totally unfair.

Wtf intruders. NO WAY! Worse than any twist on Survivor ever.

Instead of adding intruders (who also happen to be professional athletes) half way through the race how about just an extra non elimination to save an original team. Very unfair!

How … unfair … for the remaining teams

A new team came in six legs into the race and to earn their place the other teams had a five minute head start?!? This is painfully thoughtless production

But some were more generous:

Stowaway Team?! That’s frickin’ crazy. But awesome!

Hmm I’ll reseve judgement on this one

So proud of our skipper Chels, and Survivor superfan MJ

These intruders are definitely a shock twist in the race.

Is it ok for competition reality shows to add intruders?

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35 Responses

  1. I’m thoroughly disgusted with this season. I thought it was horrible and unfair to bring in the first pair of stowaways and then giving the other tired teams only a five minute lead. No wonder they wonder they wonder they won their first leg and then they get a luxury time off!!!! So the other racers are killing themselves while they rest. Now they bring in another pair of stowaways. It is totally not fair. I’m done with this season.

  2. So they just followed a non-elimination leg with another non-elimination leg… & are then adding another team next leg. By my math, that will be 3 legs where the number of teams don’t change – presuming the next leg isn’t another non-elimination leg.

  3. I’m fine with the intruders in the race, it’s still very early what will be a long game…the new team might be full of energy, but they don’t know anything about the new twists that have been added this season to the game mechanics.

  4. Seems grossly unfair when the others have been racing and physically and mentally worn out, save this for shows like big brother where at least they are lounging around a house so aren’t physically running around the country getting worn down as the race goes on and then to have fresh athletes appear, no wonder they finished so well in their first leg.

  5. Apart from the “stowaways” concept, the Salvage/Sabotage needs to be done away with. It may have worked but it wasn’t done right. When the Sikhs “won” the luxury pass, the had to draw a number out of a hat and start 10th after coming first, however when Ash and Amanda got it, they started equal first with everyone else. Too random. And there’s no suspense, if a team coming last sees another team at the mat, they know they aren’t going home. As does the viewer.

  6. What a completely unfair decision to insert an athletic team that is fully rested halfway into the series against teams that have been slogging since day 1. If it was just a matter of making up the teams after the second team retired then just make a pit stop non elimination or bring back the last eliminated team.

  7. The Amazing Race US has been going for 32 seasons for a reason. They have basically kept to a winning formula. With the changes the Aus version is doing, I can’t see it lasting anywhere near that long. I am really enjoying it other than the intruders being added. Loved the Polynesian couple, they were great !

    1. The thing is, the vast majority of people watching TAR Australia have never seen (or not seen for a long time) The Amazing Race proper, so really they wouldn’t know any different. And as I previously said the producers of TARA must have received permission to make these changes to the formula. Now, having said that, I’m not a fan of the “stowaways” concept either, also it’s an awful name. I’m also not a fan of the Salvage/Sabotage. It wasn’t done right.

      1. Yeah, I’m with you on the Salvage/Sabotage too. It’s terrific drama when a winning team has a sucky leg straight after and sinks to the bottom of the pack. The Sabotage’s don’t fit in with this show.

  8. Look I think intruders do not belong on Tara but credit for trying a new thing for Tara. But this one failed, sorry. Nothing wrong with the team but they should have either brought back an eliminated team or made it a non elimination leg. I have however liked the other new twist they brought in, the salvage etc was a great addition.

  9. I don’t mind some twists to the show (even the most competitive shows – like Survivor or TAR). It keeps players on their toes & us on the edge of our seat.

    But intruders don’t work on these more competitive shows – it’s just unfair to have them arrive fresh while everyone has gotten tired & worn out.

  10. Nothing against the new team themselves but I didn’t like the stowaway twist either. I think the production have worked hard to make it work with all the limitations but the new twists have not been necessary. Still. Very much enjoying the season.

  11. Yep this twist is certainly controversial! I’m not exactly sure if I’m on board with it, but I’m a TAR superfan and I just hope that this twist doesn’t put off some hesitant viewers and we drop viewership

  12. I’m finding it tough to watch this season. Three episodes a week is too much, the first week’s 90 min episodes were unnecessarily drawn out. I’m recording each episode and watching the following night or later in the week so I can fast forward the commercials, and the padded content, even the challenges are not that exciting (cutting grass anyone..?). Then they had a challenge reminiscent of Survivor where they had to hold onto a pole in the ocean. The First Class Pass + Salvage\Sabotage was used twice, I wish it was not there at all. This intruder twist takes the cake as yet another poor decision to attempt to reinvigorate a format which does not need changing. If 10 must have more than one episode a week, it should be 2×60, therefore reducing it from a 12 week season down to 6. Note to 10: Please don’t fix what wasn’t broken in the US format.

    1. I am struggling with this season as a long term fan. I have enjoyed the US and Oz versions, and even the Canadian version on two plane trips.

      I agree two x 60 minute episodes would be enough. I was sad when the Polynesian duo left, caring and outgoing and willing to challenge fears.
      But I haven’t watched it since (I know I have heard spoilers), but it is over saturated at 210 minutes a week. And knowing there are more ‘stowaways’ the advert spoiled that for me, and more non elimination legs, it is becoming too drawn out already after already 9 episodes and still as many teams left…..

  13. I already thought it was grossly unfair in Ten’s first season (?) where the two blokes who looked like gym junkies already had a distinct advantage, while the rest of the contestants who looked like they don’t go to the gym at all (or at least not to the extent of the two guys) were left in the dust. And to the surprise of no-one, the blokes ended up winning. This isn’t Australian Ninja Warrior. They should at least be consistent in selecting participants that are more or less on an even playing field physically. The producers have pooped all over the integrity of the show as well as the contestants who have exerted themselves to reach this point. Shameful.

    1. I feel like the “oh, athletic people dominated last season” argument comes down to an issue of challenge design.

      Challenges should be varied so that everyone has a shot to advance, and I feel like last season may have skewed slightly towards physical challenges as opposed to other skill sets (not overwhelmingly, but it was something to look at when thinking of things to improve at future seasons).

  14. Not a fan of it, but it must have been approved by the powers that be in the US, they are very protective of their brand. I think they use the Australian versions of these shows (TAR and Survivor) to try out new “twists”.
    I thought the “OG” teams would gang up on the newies to get rid of them but that doesn’t seem to have happened….yet.

  15. How many times do you think they can say AFLW each episode.
    How unfair to drop them in plus they are professional athletes.
    Why do they think this is a good idea? All the eliminated teams must be fuming

  16. I switched on late last night and these two were talking about the challenge and I thought Wow, I haven’t been paying as much attention to the show as I thought I was because I don’t remember these two….now I know the truth….don’t think this is the right type of show for ‘intruders’….does not seem fair to the rest.

  17. I’m done with this season now. It was already drawn out at 90min episodes and then intruders!!! WTAF!!!! I’ve watched every season of the US version and past Australian seasons but 10 have jumped the shark this season and I’m moving to reading a good book.

  18. Yeah I wasn’t a fan of adding a new team. Seems incredibly unfair.

    Having said that… I’m really enjoying this series so far. It had its hardships in terms of the logistics to get off the ground in the first place considering the current climate… which is why they seem to be sticking largely to the northers part of Aus… I mean, I don’t suspect they will be visiting Victoria.

  19. I don’t agree with this but while this team may be fresher the other teams have the advantage of knowing how the game mechanics work whereas this new team will have to work that all out.

    I remember there was a US season that was Amazing Race vs Survivor and Big Brother and only one Amazing Race team didn’t make the final four.

    1. I think the reason for the TAR players success is that they were strong racers originally – no original TAR contestant from that reality shows down season placed lower then 5th on their first run

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