Airdate: Ultimate Tag

Seven has confirmed Ultimate Tag will premiere this Sunday night.

Host, Matt Shirvington, said: “I’m so excited to introduce Australia to these extraordinary Players and Pro Taggers. I’ve been lucky enough to line up against some of the best athletes in the world and our Pro Taggers are on the same elite level. Their mind-blowing feats of athleticism, lighting fast pace and strategic skill will keep you on the edge of your seat and yes they’ll even be wearing lycra, thank god it’s them and not me.”

Host, Abbey Gelmi, added: “It’s finally here! I cannot wait for everyone to fall in love with this show like I have. Expect high-octane thrills, big characters and even bigger courses. Ultimate Tag is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

If you think you know the game of tag, think again – Ultimate Tag turns the childhood game into a turbocharged tournament between Players and Pro Taggers. Players must run, spin, dodge, tumble and dive their way through huge obstacle courses with the simple goal: Don’t. Get. Caught!

The elite Pro Taggers, whose job it is to stop the Players at every turn, are the fittest, fastest and fiercest athletes in Australia. With backgrounds including world champions, parkour icons, sprinters, gymnasts and martial arts professionals, these superheroes are set to amaze with their masterful strategy and skill, stopping at nothing to claim their tag.

The Players, everyday Aussies from all walks of life, must avoid being tagged at all cost, leading to thrills, spills and awe-inspiring skills.

7pm Sunday on Seven,


  1. themanfromoz

    Will probably just record and watch the actual chases.
    Any idea where this was filmed? I can’t quite place the stadium from the short shots in the promo.

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