Bumped: Ultimate Tag

Reality contest is caught by dismal ratings and moves to 7flix.

Seven has yanked Ultimate Tag from its primary channel and rescheduled it to 7flix after dismal numbers.

On Sunday the show debuted to 447,000 viewers, but it had slipped to 277,000 by Tuesday night.

The Endemol Shine show marks a rare misstep for the production company after Seven gambled on a local version, based on a single season in the USA. It follows a rollercoaster performance by Eureka’s Holey Moley, which debuted well before slipping.

Next week Seven has an Ivan Milat: Buried Secrets doco on Sunday (this was already scheduled) with special Declassified: The Royal Scandals on Monday and Surveillance Oz Dashcam on Tuesday.

New Ultimate Tag episodes will now run at 7pm Sunday and 7:30pm Monday on 7flix. Don’t get caught?

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  1. Channel 7 should make a reality show of the content and programming team coming up with these ideas… it would be so funny. It should be a mix of the show in the 90s with the passengers on the train discussing the day and of course, the MAFS judges to give their lame shock horror feedback when they commission Agro prime time

  2. Seven extends its roll call of duds ..what is it with watching retro kids games in prime time ?
    Whoever sold Seven on Holey Moley and now this clap trap deserves a bonus …even worse than Pooch Perfect last year if that’s possible . Gee I’m starting to think Dance Boss was a stroke of genius compared to recent Seven mis-launches …just shows how dependent they were on MKR which used to hold sway right about now …

  3. We enjoyed Ultimate Tag and Holey Moley – but they absolutely don’t need to be on 3 times a week!! Its a nice little family show for a Sunday night to wind down before the start of the week. Hosts are good and contestants/pro-taggers are good – just too many episodes.

  4. When I noticed ‘ultimate’ being used in the title, this could well be the end of the show.
    UNfortunately 7 haven’t learnt from their mistakes this year. They’ve got tentpoles – BB, THe Voice, FMAW, SAS and sport (AFL, Olympics) during this year.

  5. One good thing to emerge from the failure of Ultimate Tag, and the semi-failure of Holey Moley might be a decision by Seven to avoid these cheap game shows running 90 to 120 minutes spread across multiple nights each week. It is just crazy saturation of a very limited concept being drawn out too far.
    The money and the audiences are still there to a degree on commercial television to do something better than that.

      1. Has been explained by David before, but the various networks don’t have the budgets for alternatives and have to spin out what they are already doing to fill air time-also Corona virus constraints.

        1. Yes but sometimes better to start small then grow – MKR and MAFS for example.
          Now they have paid for 2 expensive shows, perhaps killed them like Spartan, and ended up having to fill that airtime with other shows anyway.

  6. One of the issues I hear with this show (aside from apparently being rubbish), but the ones who like it think multiple episodes is too much. Yet they haven’t learnt from that either.

  7. Does this mean that Seven are likely to have filler content until MAFS is over? At least they have the start of 2022 sorted. February will be the Beijing Olympic games, and in a timezone friendly slot.

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