Big Brother: secrets promo

Big Brother is teasing a houses full of surprises, plus recent housemate announcements.

Big Brother has released a new promo teasing a houses full of surprises for its upcoming season.

According to the promo, “There are secrets lurking behind doors, walls, chairs and more – under beds, above heads and below the floor (seriously, excavating?).

“Housemates better beware, these hidden twists are set to turn the game on its head. Think you know Big Brother’s game? Think again.”

There has also been new info on housemates for the series expected soon.


Meet Brenton, a 31-year-old account manager from Sydney.
This “very single” guy describes himself as a passionate person, and he’s playing Big Brother’s game to win.
“I don’t go into anything to lose,” he says.
“I’m going to use every skill I’ve got, whether its charming them with cooking or charming them physically. There’s not a single challenge that’s going to break me.”
Will finding love in the house be Brenton’s weakness?


Meet Melissa, a 33-year-old sheep farmer from rural South Australia.
After battling everything from drought to bushfire, this outback mum is only just hanging on to her family farm.
Leaving her three young children at home for the first time, she’s entering Big Brother’s house with her eyes firmly on the prize.
“Winning Big Brother will save our family farm and my kids will be ok,” she says.
“That’s all I want for them, to secure their future. Nothing will break me.”

Meet Daniel, a 48-year-old real estate agent from Geelong who proudly lives life on the edge.
This loose cannon talks a big game and is putting everything on the line to win.
“I’m going to be the greatest player of Big Brother in the world,” he says.
“The bar’s going to be raised this year. I don’t quit. I walk my talk. I will win Big Brother.”

Sarah Jane
Meet Sarah Jane, a 65-year-old antique jewellery dealer from Sydney.
This fierce fashion icon believes her winning edge will be playing Big Brother’s game with humanity, kindness, understanding and an open heart.
“I might be the oldest but I have an opportunity to prove to people that you can all put yourself outside of a comfort zone and fly,” she says.
“It’s going to be mad, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be terrifying. Bring it on!”

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  1. I swore I wouldn’t watch last year, not because it was pre-recorded, but because I felt I was too old to watch Big Brother now lol. Yet somehow I ended up watching every ep, and enjoyed it more than the old Big Brother.

  2. I didn’t mind last years BB. As a fan of US/Canada BB (which is what last years BBAU was emulating in how players got voted off), I hope we get more game players and plotters and schemers.

  3. I’m still not completely sold on the whole recorded show thing but i mean i did quite enjoy BB last year. Whats to bet though that the winner is from this group of people? The same thing happened last year with the housemates they released early all of them made the final 4. Chad, Sophie, Mat, Dan.

  4. I will watch it but i prefer the almost live version also the annoying dubbed big brother voice seems to be back on the plus side from the promo it looks much better than the last series

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