Kitty’s mini-Full Frontal ‘reunion’

Fisk's Kitty Flanagan is back on screen with friend and colleague Glenn Butcher.

This week’s episode of Fisk is a Full Frontal reunion of sorts as Kitty Flanagan is joined on screen by Glenn Butcher.

Butcher (pictured right) plays Viktor, a former tipstaff and now husband to Helen’s (Flanagan) father (John Gaden, left).

“I definitely had Glenn Butcher in mind because Glenn haven’t worked since our days on Full Frontal. But he’s always been a favourite of mine, and is one of my closest friends as well,” she told TV Tonight.

“I knew he’d be a fantastic foil. He’s a point of contention. Helen gets on very well with father but not so well with her father’s new boyfriend. I knew that Glenn would be able to play that role extremely well.”

Flanagan and Butcher both appeared in Full Frontal during its run on Seven in the mid 1990s, alongside the likes of Eric Bana, Denise Scott, Shaun Micallef, Julia Morris, John Walker and Francis Greenslade (see clip below).

“It was always easier to write for the people whose voices I knew: Marty Sheargold, Julia Zemiro and we wrote the role for Aaron Chen.

Also appearing this week is Debra Lawrance (second from right).

Fisk airs 9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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