MasterChef matches Nine… new premiere date Monday 19th

After Nine’s surprise move for Lego Masters to Monday 19… 10 has decided to match it, now moving MasterChef Australia to the same night.

A Network 10 spokesperson: “Just like the best cooks ever, we’ve decided to alter the recipe. MasterChef Australia will now premiere on Monday, April 19 at 7.30pm.”


  1. This doesn’t strike me as the smartest tactical move, especially so close to its premiere (and I suspect that there are already physical ads in circulation advertising a Tuesday start). Wouldn’t the similarly family-friendly Lego Masters (which was smashing it in the ratings) be a bigger threat than the more adult-oriented MAFS?

    Silly old 10!

  2. All is fair in love and ratings….10 have already updated their promos. Saw earlier tonight an ad saying “7 days to go” and then my next thought was hang on…need to check TVT for the new airdate!

    • I guess they saw that MAFS was going to be on Monday now that’s not the case and it’s LEGO Masters ,the poor guides and EPG can’t keep up.

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