Renewed: Lego Masters

Nine has renewed Lego Masters for two more seasons -something of a rarity in Australia.

Nine has renewed Lego Masters for two more seasons -something of a rarity in Australia- just three days after its season return.

Hamish Blake will remain as host, keeping the show on screens until at least 2023.

It follows the show convincingly won its timeslot and ranked No. 1 program with all key demographics each night this week.

Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Television, said: “Since it first burst onto our screens in a sea of colour in 2019, Lego Masters has captivated the imagination of a nation. It is the ultimate feel good program that celebrates creativity and imagination while showcasing phenomenal works of art. It’s also one of those rare programs to resonate with people of all ages. We’re thrilled today to be able to commit to Lego Masters for an additional two series.”

The series is produced by Endemol Shine Australia, adapted from an original UK format from Tuesday’s Child Productions and The Lego Group.

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  1. To me or your not a die hard lego fan I can’t see the attraction ,and as for Hamish well I just don’t get it ,still it’s good in small doses but as mentioned with MC shorter running times will be best and trim the fat for a leaner show.

  2. This is the only show I still watch on FTA, and is our family time together, its just an awesome show, however, 2hr launch and the back end filling with advertisements is really beginning to detract from enjoyable family time, the kids drift and it becomes incredibly frustrating, and previewing completed builds, I really hope network bosses dont kill one of the last great aussie tv shows

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