When Total Control came to Canberra…

Authorities were initially nervous about granting access to Parliament House... but the Canberra gallery thought it was the real deal.

Total Control recently finished filming Season Two scenes at Parliament House and sources suggest authorities were very nervous about granting cameras access due to recent incidents in Canberra.

But once ABC cameras were on site, staff from all sides couldn’t resist dropping by to check out talent such as Deborah Mailman, Rachel Griffiths and more…

So realistic were some scenes in the House that Canberra gallery journos mistook faux press conferences for the real thing.

Sally Riley, Head of Scripted Production said, “All these journalists from the bureau started running down saying ‘What’s happening? Have I missed a story?’

“I was talking to Darren Dale the producer and he said it happened twice!” she laughed.

“But it’s really exciting seeing scenes cut together … it’s just another example of the way that the ABC does Indigenous content, something that we’re really proud of, and that we’re going to keep continuing to do. ”

Filming by Blackfella Films and directed by Wayne Blair continues in Sydney and Broken Hill for the series, due later this year.

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