Gallery: La Brea filming

Updated: Cars on the wrong side of the street, a CGI sinkhole... and crowds running in hysteria.

Filming of US drama La Brea is currently underway in Melbourne.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, scenes involving a sink hole opening up are being shot this week in Port Melbourne (note red visual markers for CGI artists on the street).

Stationary cars have also been placed on opposite sides of roads, to reflect US driving conditions.

Crews are shooting in Bay Street in a block with retail and modern apartments, with local palm trees  adding a touch of LA.

The sink hole separates family and opens up a portal to prehistoric times (!).

Further shooting will take place around Victoria until September.

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  1. Also the palm trees look nothing like those in LA – they have the really tall skinny palms over there, not the short/fat ones that we have here. Also the Toyota Tarago pictured here is a model not sold in the US – poor choice for this scene.

      1. Not too long ago right hand drives would not be a problem –
        simply flip the film image.

        But why spend cents these days when you can spend dollars –
        it’s only other people’s money after all.

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