SAS Australia to resume filming

Filming on SAS Australia will get underway this week on the third season for Seven.

Seven previously called for “everyday Australians” for a new series, which shoots back to back with the completed second season with celebrities.

Seven sources confirm filming will begin this week in the Blue Mountains area, using the same base camp as the upcoming S2, but with new locations and challenges included.

Season 3 is also set to be more condensed, but no less intense, filming over 2 weeks.

Seven is yet to confirm if the third season from Screentime will air in 2021 or 2022.


  1. Back-to-back filming seems to be becoming the norm during the covid age, particularly when international talent is involved. Gone are the days when people could fly in and out of Australia for a couple of weeks to film things, then come back again weeks/months later to film the next season.

  2. I don’t think it’ll air in 2021 or even Early 2022, just because of Seven’s insane programming! I expect to see the civilian version in Q2 next year and the celebrity version in Q4 2021?

  3. seems like 7 are a bit backed up. last i heard they’ve had The voice and 2 seasons of Farmer in the can for months, now 2 seasons of SAS as well. Big Brother VIP and AGT are filing soon and its an olympic year!?

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