All episodes of Five Bedrooms to drop on Paramount+

Some info on S2 for fans who have been asking....

For fans who have been asking, Paramount+ sources have confirmed that all episodes of Five Bedrooms will drop on launch day, August 11.

Season 2 is exclusive to the new ViacomCBS streaming service, and at this stage there is no confirmation it will have any Free to Air screening at a later point.

Our Five Bedrooms housemates are moving to a flashy new neighbourhood called Paramount+. They pick up the keys on Wednesday, 11 August.

There’s a new home. A DIY renovation. A DIY renovation injury. Two pregnancies. An ex-husband. A workplace bullying complaint. An unexpected tragedy. Love found and love lost.

This was not what our five had imagined for their lives. This is Australian drama at its best.

Five Bedrooms is a Hoodlum Production for Paramount+. Major production investment from Screen Australia. Developed and produced with the assistance of Film Victoria.  

Wednesday, 11 August on Paramount+.

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  1. I’m guessing that it will get a free-to-air screening sooner or later to recoup some of those production costs (and to have any hope of additional seasons), as I strongly doubt that revenue from streaming would be sufficient, as Paramount+ will take some time to build momentum compared to the giants that are Netflix and Disney. The first season of Five Bedrooms wasn’t exactly rocking the overnight ratings either, so they’ll need every bit of coin they can wring out of this.

    It’s hard to complain about the quantity of streaming services when one can wait for episodes of their favourite shows to stockpile and hop between services accordingly, as most, if not all of them, have no lock-in contracts, and there’s really no need to subscribe to more than one on any given month.

    1. Anything is possible. Stan did air one or two shows such as Wolf Creek later on Nine, plus it would get 10 drama points. It may well be a management strategy. All I can confirm is at this stage they are saying exclusive to Paramount.

    2. The mostly likely way it would end up on FTA is if the contract means that Hoodlum retains the copyright to the show, as is normally the case for FTA dramas. CBS will only be able to afford to retain exclusing rights for a limited period of time, and eventually Hoodlum would hawk it around. Streamers are currently battling for market share and their prefered model is to produce shows which the own the copyright, or put up old shows from their back catalogue which they own. That way you can stream it forever, or charge rivals who find themselves short of appealing content a very high price for it. CBS coming late, failing with All Access and having to rebrand wiht Paramount+ is having to play catch up. At the moment wealthy households are subscribing to 2-4 services at once as they binge on all the content. Eventually streaming will be come the media producers main business, then shows will have to turn a profit, and there will be shakeout.

  2. Can’t wait! Would have to be my favourite drama on TV. Kat Stewart can do no wrong.

    I’m just hoping P+ have an app supported on my TV, 10 All Access currently doesn’t. :/

  3. It’s their huge Australian original for the launch of paramount plus just Over 10 days away – and a trailer is nowhere to be found….


    It seems the 10 folks are also in charge of p+ marketing

      1. Not good enough. I googled for it. Searched YouTube for it. Searched Facebook for it. Impossible. It’s been viewed a couple of hi dred times only on 10 insider only – an industry facing YouTube channel. If you’re going after the strain crowd with an expensive original Australian commission you might want to make the trailer easily accessible online to the Public

  4. Sorry ViacomCBS, we already pay enough for multiple online streamers, although my wife *really* would like to watch the 2nd season.

    Therein, lies the problem with the fragmentation of online streamers over the last few years. Today every “man & his dog” wants to have their own service and it simply costs too much to even get just a few of ’em. It’s simply not economical to subscribe to yet another service just to watch 1 or 2 shows.

      1. David, That’s a possibility but we rarely have time to sit in the front of a TV to binge a whole season all in 1 go. We have already done similar with other streamers … paid for 1 or maybe 2 months, then cancelled and moved onto another streamer. We’ll see, maybe that’s what we we will do here as well.

        Personally, I would rather pay double or even triple for, say, “Everyflix” and have access to just about everything. “Everyflix” could then pass on a percentage of the subscription or something along those lines. Didn’t Netflix start in this mode?

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