FOX Footy: Retro Round

All next week, FOX Footy hosts dress up to look back on 1990s AFL.

Next week FOX Footy will look to the 1990s with a week-long “Retro Round” looking back on matches, players and fashions of yesteryear.

Presenter Dermott Brereton plans to wear a pair of skin-tight jeans, cowboy boots and a leather vest to replicate Jon Bon Jovi. “I was part of it then and I’ll be part of it again. We all will,” he said.

On The Couch experts Jonathan Brown and Nick Riewoldt will resemble Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.

Sarah Jones and Kath Loughnan dress as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and Jennifer Aniston from Friends.

Leigh Montagna will assume the role of David Hasselhoff from Baywatch with Jason Dunstall dressed as Ace Ventura for Bounce after the footy on Sunday.

“We just want to have a bit of fun during a tough time for all Australians right now. If my Hawaiian shirt and ducktail wig makes some kids laugh at home, ‘alllrighty then!’” said Dunstall.

Retro Round Countdowns Monday 26th – Friday 30th July :
Retro Sea Eagles: Top 5 from the 90s (Monday from 0900)
Retro Raiders: Top 5 from the 90s (Monday from 1430, repeated Tues from 0900)
Top 5 90s Superstars (Tues from 1430, repeated Wed from 0900)
Retro Broncos: Top 5 from the 90s (Wed from 1430, repeated Thur from 0900)
Top 10 Retro Round: 90s (10-6 Thur from 1430, 5-1 Fri from 1200)

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