Report: Thomas Markle Jr. for Big Brother VIP

Estranged half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex is rumoured for Seven reality series.

Media reports are claiming Thomas Markle Jr. has arrived in Australia to appear in Big Brother VIP.

Both New Idea and the Daily Telegraph report he has flown into Sydney.

Thomas, 55, is the estranged half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex, with the siblings reportedly not having contact since 2011. He spoke to Sunrise in January 2020 about their relationship (below).

The reports follow the now-infamous deportation of Katie Hopkins, and Caitlyn Jenner arriving. There are also whispers Omarosa Manigault Newman could be in the mix.

“We are not commenting on speculation about the cast of Big Brother VIP,” a Seven spokesman said.

“All will be revealed soon and Big Brother is looking forward to meeting the new collection of housemates. Much of the speculation has been wrong, but it’s important to note that Seven ensures the arrival of international artists in Australia does not impact or impede on Australians returning home from overseas. Any international artists associated with Seven are on arrangements that exist outside of the flight cap on international arrivals and have been granted exemptions by the government to come here.

“All our artists also undertake quarantine measures in line with government legislation. Much like the arrival of world-class international actors bolstering Australia’s film industry at present, these artists are contributing to the making of leading TV productions, creating jobs for many people at a difficult time for the creative and production sectors.”

The series is currently in pre-production with filming to commence soon.

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  1. Channel 7 and whatever government dept approves the visas should be ashamed , bringing these useless people in to the country when our own citizens can’t even come home.

  2. This guy has a checkered past too. I won’t say anything here, but Google will happily provide details. I would suggest he may be sent home early too if his past is highlighted.

  3. Reference really comparing the likes of him to “world-class international actors”. Unlike blockbuster films BB VIP would go ahead regardless of whether they’re bringing in international nobodies or not. For every one they bring in an ex-Home and Away actor loses out.

  4. Our borders are closed. We don’t want these VIP’s here taking valuable seats on planes and hotel quarantine slots from our friends and families. Poor form 7…. no longer the family channel.

    1. There’s plenty of TV & Movies recently being made in Australia with International cast/crew.
      Are you suggesting shut down all of these?
      It’d be a long unemployment list.

  5. This is hilarious! This season will either absolutely tank in the ratings, or it’ll go bananas in the ratings. I think logically it’ll do the former but I’m secretly hoping for the latter…

  6. With SevenWest Media struggling to turn profits in recent times, the casting for this show seems more intended to generate clickbait articles for 7News online than television ratings. “Caitlyn Jenner/Omarosa/Thomas Markle discloses shocking revelation about Kardashians/Trump/Megan” ~ those articles which will run throughout the course of this show will generate more clicks than viewers which is possibly the strategy here.

  7. The probably-never-heard-of-by-anyone estranged half-brother of the former royal, Duchess of Sussex. You have to wonder if 7 think VIP means something else. I had to Google Omarosa Manigault Newman, still doesn’t ring a bell.

  8. Really going for the bottom of the barrel with this. I would prefer if Seven cancelled this & used the money to charter a flight to Australia for those Australians who are stranded overseas rather than bring these ‘celebs’ to Australia while half the country is in lockdown

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