TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2021

MAFS gets the thumbs down from readers -but there's also glum news for Sonia Kruger & Matt Doran.

Readers have voted reality show Married at First Sight as the Worst Australian Show of 2021, less than a month before its 2022 season kicks off.

The Nine series drew more votes in the 2021 TV Tonight Awards than Big Brother (prominent across 2 seasons) and dating series Love Island.

For the second year running Sonia Kruger drew the most votes as Most Overexposed Performer, a nod to hosting duties on Big Brother, Big Brother: VIP, The Voice, Holey Moley and Dancing with the Stars. 

New names this year include Dave Hughes and Sophie Monk.

Matt Doran drew the most votes in the Blunder of the Year category after he admitted to not listening to Adele’s new album and causing an exclusive interview to be dumped.

That came in ahead of two other Seven mishaps, naming the wrong man in a profile kidnapping case, and the hiring of outspoken UK commentator Katie Hopkins for Big Brother: VIP. But readers also admonished Nine over programming decisions, which subsequently turned into Seven hits.

Worst Australian Show: Married at First Sight
Big Brother VIP
Love Island Australia
Making It Australia
The Block / Big Brother
(2020: Plate of Origin)

Worst International Show: Love Island (UK)
Tiger King 2 / Nine Perfect Strangers
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
SAS: UK / Squid Game
(Keeping Up with the Kardashians)

Most Overexposed Performer: Sonia Kruger *
Karl Stefanovic
Osher Günsberg
Dave Hughes
David Koch / Sophie Monk
(2020: Sonia Kruger)

Blunder of the Year: Matt Doran admits to not listening to Adele album *
Seven News names wrong man in alleged kidnapping
Seven casts Katie Hopkins in Big Brother: VIP
Nine rejects Hey Hey 50th, The Voice which become Seven hits
Nine casting “too white” in vaccination ads
(2020: Pete Evans Facebook post)

TV Tonight Awards: Best of 2021

Tomorrow: Story of the Year, Best Channels, Underrated Performer, International Show We Need to See Here.

5 Responses

  1. oh cmon, lots of people must be secretly watching MAFS & loving to hate it, kinda the whole point of the show isn’t it? Totally agree with Love Island Australia though, i admit i tried watching because i luv Sophie Monk & i knew it would be trash TV, but it was just so badly put together it wasn’t even enjoyable trash! Like whats with the British commentator & barely featuring any footage of Sophie??

  2. Matt Doran not noticing an email being the biggest blunder of 2021? Channel 7 literally named and shamed the wrong person for the biggest alleged kidnapping story of the year!

    1. Well there is also the money down the drain for botched interview, but the legal costs / settlement of the other likely to be more. That’s the way people voted, and it probably reflects the amount of news coverage too.

  3. MAFS is a bit divisive because it’s one of those shows that gets relatively good ratings, but is also loathed by many for the dramatisation of negative personality and relationship traits. I think the show should still be there, though they should focus on positive behaviours and analyse negative behaviours instead of glorifying them.

    Making It is one of those shows that had potential being a foreign format import and there’s a large following for arts and crafts. I think I would have gone for a format that has more relevance and more international versions other than just USA.

  4. I tossed up between MAFS and HM and I voted for HM as the worst show. I felt that the commentators tried too hard to be funny and I’ve had enough of this show.
    I was a bit surprised that Hughesy was put in overexposed category, but i feel that Shirvo was up there as well. Shirvo has appeared on HM, Tag, the TOkyo Games.

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