Zak Stolz wins Australian Ninja Warrior 2021

22 year old Victorian goes furthest fastest for the $100,000 prize.

22 year old Victorian Zak Stolz has won $100,000 after being the furthest fastest competitor in Nine’s Australian Ninja Warrior 2021 Grand Final.

He was one of two competitors who qualified for the dreaded Mt Midoriyama tower, alongside last year’s runner-up, Charlie Robbins (both are residents of Rye on the Mornington Peninsula).

But Robbins stumbled not long in the second stage of the course leaving the field open to friend ‘Zak Attack’, who went one better.

Unlike 2020 where Mt Midoriyama was conquered by Ben Polson, nobody came close this year. Polson failed to qualify for Stage 2. Girlfriend Olivia Vivian, the only female in the Grand Final, also lucked out.

But the Ninja community is tight and cheered on Stolz as he went the furthest, fastest.

Stolz said: “Winning means so much more than just prize money to me. To be honest, the feeling is yet to sink in fully, but there’s a massive sense of accomplishment that comes with the title that I believe I’ll be able to reflect upon for the rest of my life and look back on whenever times are tough.

“It is such a surreal moment and I know my father would be so proud of me. Not to mention putting a smile on my mum and other supporters’ faces. That is honestly more valuable than anything to me.”

Tonight Nine screens a one-off special Australian Ninja Warrior: Record Breakers featuring the Rising Mega Warped Wall, Ferocious Ferris Wheel, Sprinting Steps Showdown, Soaring Sonic Shelf Grab and Super Salmon Ladder.

A total prize pool of $90,000 is on offer.

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  1. I get thoroughly engrossed in this show every year. Nine have nailed the look and feel of the competition and gotten great contestants. Zak is a phenomenal athlete and earned that win but there were plenty of shock exits along the way this season. I just really hope they replace both the main hosts and Shane Crawford coz they’re bland as heck. And what on earth was the big deal with having Nick Kyrgios in for just two episodes? He was a spare-spare wheel when he was there, anyways! But that aside, well done to all the athletes. I’m pumped for tonight’s special episode which should be an absolute wowser.

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