Lego Masters shifts to Sydney

Melbourne loses reality production to Sydney due to border restrictions.

Melbourne has lost production of Lego Masters due to border restrictions.

The Daily Telegraph reports a 10-12 week shoot is set from October to December but rules and uncertainty around borders means production will take place in Sydney.

This would avoid host Hamish Blake undergoing 2 weeks isolation and extended separation from family, after he sold his Melbourne home last year.

But Blake is not alone being Sydney-based for the series with other Endemol Shine staff also residing in the harbour city.

“Long story short, it was probably always coming,” he recently told TV Tonight. “But the timing was right. The real short story is: wife’s work, wife’s family, general adventure. But why not? I’ve lived in Melbourne for 40 years, Melbourne will always be my home. The kids are little, work is booming up there for my wife and we thought, ‘You know what, we’ve probably always known we would do a stint in Sydney.'”

A Nine spokeswoman confirmed the relocation, although talked down a move being at Blake’s behest.

“Every show has to be nimble to navigate the health and safety impacts.”

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