Airdate: Young Talent Time: Unmasked

10 celebrates 50 years of YTT on Sunday week, hosted by Toni Pearen.

Nostalgic TV special Young Talent Time: Unmasked will screen on 10 later this month, celebrating 50 years since the show hosted by Johnny Young first aired.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the special is hosted Toni Pearen and sees former cast members and Johnny Young reminisce about the much-loved show, which ran for 18 years.

YTT showcased numerous child performers including Tina Arena, Debra Byrne, Jamie Redfern, Philip Gould, Dannii Minogue, Karen Knowles, Joey Perrone, Beven Addinsall, Sally Boyden, John Bowles, Jane Scali, Joey Dee, Mark McCormack, Greg Mills, Natalie Miller, Greg Poynton, Stephen Zammit and more.

There were also talent show discoveries John St. Peeters, John Foreman, Asher Keddie, Livinia Nixon, Silvie Paladino and ‘associate YTT‘ member, a young Denis Walter.

Young Talent Time: Unmasked comes 50 years after Young Talent Time burst onto the Aussie TV stage and earnt its place in our pop culture history,” 10 said in a statement.

“Hosted by Toni Pearen, whose childhood dream was to be on the Team, the special will re-live all the giddy highs, the backstage drama and heartbreak, and celebrate the moments that turned its young stars into household names.”

8:40pm Sunday September 26 on 10.

Photo: NFSA

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  1. Will be interesting to see what footage 10 use….how many members they have contacted for a 1 hour show. All the behind the scenes dramas and heartbreak giddy highs etc….so disappointed they didn’t come to the party back in April when it was the actual 50th….as an ex team member I’ll be watching with great interest……wonder if we’ll all get a mention?

  2. I’m glad Channel 10 finally came to their senses and are showing this. YTT is such a huge part of the Channel 0/10 history and many of the cast from it are still loved to this day. Wish we had shows still like it today where it’s made with love and the talent is nurtured. Even though I know they tried to reincarnate YTT a few years back, they unfortunately missed the mark. The mistake was they made it more about the contestants and not the team itself and turned it into an Australian Idol type show. They lost the essence of kids watching at home having a favourite team member, watching in the loungeroom with hair brush for microphone singing and dancing along and wanting to be a team member themselves. The team was like a family. It was a big deal when a new team member joined and very sad when they left after reaching 16 (some stayed longer). Get that right and YTT could still work again!

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