“I do 15 hours of live TV a week”: Lisa Millar reflects on quitting Twitter

News Breakfast host isn't the only one to have taken issue with social media pile-ons, in her decision to quit Twitter.

News Breakfast presenter Lisa Millar has spoken about her recent decision to leave Twitter, which she attributes to negative online commentary.

Whilst she acknowledges the usefulness of the platform for breaking news and information, she also told The Age the level of animosity directed at her went well beyond criticism of her work.

“It got to a point where there was nothing I could do and the balance had totally swung. I could not stop the constant barrage of criticism while we were on air. I do 15 hours of live TV a week – there are going to be words that come out of my mouth that aren’t exactly right,” she said.

Other presenters who have recently cited social media pile-ons include Hamish Macdonald, Leigh Sales Waleed Aly, Stan Grant and Sam Armytage.

Twitter maintained in a blog post its users should be able to enjoy healthy conversations.

“You should be able to speak your mind and find credible information easily. Twitter is an open service that’s home to a world of diverse people, perspectives, ideas and information. We’re committed to protecting the health of the public conversation — and we take that commitment seriously.

“We want people on Twitter to have safe, inclusive, and authentic conversations. With that goal in mind, we work hard to minimize toxic and illegal content, and give people tools to control their interactions.”

“It’s like how good you feel if you slam your hand on the horn – that’s how people feel when they drop their anger on Twitter,” Millar says. “Then they just go on to live their life. But if you get a barrage of those horn blasts all the time, it’s really very wearing.”

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  1. Go Lisa! You so often hear people say “never read the comments”. I couldn’t agree more (which I guess is kind of ironic, given what I’m doing right now). For all its “benefits” — real or imagined — social media presents a wall of noise that people just don’t need in their lives, where the term “safe, inclusive and authentic conversations” can be interpreted in any way imaginable and hijacked at any time by faceless, nameless trolls who have no place in the public domain, let alone publishing the written word to it. Better off without it, Lisa. I’d rather listen to your views every morning than quotes from, and references to, Twitter content.

  2. Big fan of Lisa. Good on her for taking a stand. Imagine having to read that abuse at anytime, but much less when you’re hosting live TV. Just finished her excellent book as well – good to learn more about her life and careeer.

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