La Brea: First 5 minutes

Here's what happens when a giant sink-hole in Los Angeles really opens up in Port Melbourne.

NBC has released the first 5 minutes of disaster series La Brea, which was filmed in Victoria.

This opening scene, in which a giant sink-hole strikes Los Angeles, was filmed in Port Melbourne (with a little CGI help).

You can see production shots here.

Update: Coming to 9Now.

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    1. US studios usually test screen episodes with live audiences, sometimes in unfinished form (without CGI), to see how it might rate when released, this is why 2 seasons can be ordered before one episode is broadcast. Hopefully NBC will at least give a conclusion of sorts to this series if ratings are low, I would imagine that NBC would want to recoup some of the money spent. Hopefully the script and acting will improve.

  1. Impressive opening sequence but it’s not the first time cinema standard CGI has been used to attract a good opening night audience by the big US TV studios, I can only hope that the La Brea story arc doesn’t slowly drift into that familiar sci-fi cliche territory where American commercial TV tends to go when working on developing a long running show. Not knowing what happens after the first 5 minutes, I would imagine that the CGI will play a big part in carrying the success of this show.

    1. I think La Brea could go to Nine, though maybe Stan might get first pick after it signed a multi-year deal with NBCUniversal, but anythings possible nowadays, especially regarding streaming rights in Australia.

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