Macy Gray, Kyle Sandilands unmasked on 10.

Big names were unveiled on 10's singing guessing game on Sunday.

US singer-songwriter Macy Gray was unmasked last night on “Atlantis” on 10’s Masked Singer.

The “I Try” singer was a great get for the zany singing show, performing Elle King’s hit Ex’s and Oh’s. She had previously been tipped by Urzila Carlson -though not as her final guess.

“It was very fun listening to your guesses. Someone said Lindsay Lohan and I was cracking up underneath,” she said.

Also unveiled was radio’s jock Kyle Sandilands in a guest appearance as PAW Patrol‘s very own Rubble.

Not even Jackie O. managed to guess it was her colleague under the dog suit, despite being the subject of clues herself.

Jackie said: “I can’t believe you did this. When you were singing there was a flash of you in my mind but then I was like no. You never even let on once. I am never living this down.”

The show continues to its finale Tuesday October 5.

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  1. Loving this season, the costumes, dancers & stage setup is amazing, congratulations to all involved in the show. Its colorful, fun & a great lockdown escape. But i’d like to actually be able to guess more of them but the clues are way too cryptic. The only one that was obvious to me is Macy because of her distinctive voice. If Jackie can’t even guess its Kyle & she works with him how is anyone watching going to work it out.

  2. Watched the reveal of Macy Grey
    Why does Osher carry a microphone when everything he says is shouted, I even turned the sound down and it was still too loud 👎🏻

  3. I guessed it was Dicko, not Kyle. I was thinking of the other Australian Idol judge, and we know Dicko is not afraid to put himself out there in celebrity reality shows.

    Although unmasking a children’s character I would think is usually an unwritten no-no, so as not to break the illusion. (Something that literally nearly killed Fredd Bear back in the day as Tedd Dunn refused to remove the bear’s mask even though he was suffering intense heat exhaustion on one hot day!)

    Kids will now be traumatised that their favourite character is… Kyle Sandilands in a suit?!? The horror..!!

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