The Voice, Australian Survivor filmed multiple endings

Will the real winner please stand up?

It’s not easy trying to make reality TV in a time of the pandemic…

Both The Voice and Australian Survivor have filmed multiple endings for their impending grand finals to screen this Sunday.

Sources confirmed The Voice filmed alternate endings when filming finished several weeks ago.

Public voting for the series is underway (a Facebook account is required) and closes during Sunday’s broadcast. Seven has filmed 4 endings with TV wins for Arlo, Mick, G-Nat!on and Bella with one to screen after voting closes. This means reports of “winner leaks” are well before voting has closed.

Last year on Nine the series also filmed multiple endings and it wasn’t until Chris Sebastian saw his ending broadcast on air that he realised he had won.

Meanwhile Australian Survivor was unable to regroup in Sydney for a studio grand final in which host Jonathan La Paglia announces the winner.

Sources also confirmed multiple endings were filmed on location in Queensland with the finalists, one of which will be broadcast this Sunday night.

Most crews who work on these shows know the winner is usually the person whose ending is filmed first, because reactions are most genuine. After two or three everyone starts to look a bit like they are acting shocked for the cameras….

The Voice grand final 7pm Sunday on Seven.
Australian Survivor grand final 7:30pm Sunday on 10.

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  1. Why would u have both finales on one night??? Silly decision 🙁
    They should’ve had survivor finale yesterday and the 9/11 special on Sunday.
    But hey, what do I know about programming lol

  2. The winner is usually listed in the NSW TAB website before the season even starts for most reality shows. This has been the case with The Bachelor and Australian Survivor recently.

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