AWGIE Awards 2021: nominees

Nominees include Wakefield, Wentworth, Five Bedrooms, Fisk, Firestarter and New Gold Mountain.

Nominees have been announced for the 54th Annual AWGIE Awards -recognising member works based on script alone.

In the Drama Series category are Five Bedrooms, The Great, Wakefield and Wentworth.

Other nominations include New Gold Mountain, Fisk, Firestarter and Aftertaste.

In the Feature film section is Stan’s upcoming Nitram, and ABC’s Here Out West.

AWGIE Award judging coordinators said: “There’s no doubt the last eighteen months have been extraordinarily challenging for the whole country. The arts have been hit particularly hard, so it’s heartening to see that the standard and ambition of Australian performance writing continues to excel. These nominations represent just some of the great work done by our members, and we’re proud to see that talent and resilience rewarded.”

Winners will be announced via an online ceremony broadcast on Tuesday 7 December.

TV nominees:

Television – Series or Miniseries of More Than 4 Hours Duration, Including Original and Adapted Works
Five Bedrooms: Season 2, ‘Twenty-Seven Weeks’ – Michael Lucas with Christine Bartlett
The Great: Season 1, ‘A Pox on Hope’ – Tony McNamara and Gretel Vella
The Great: Season 1, ‘The Beaver’s Nose’ – Tony McNamara
Wakefield: Season 1, Episode 5 – Sam Meikle
Wentworth: Season 8, ‘The Unknown Terrorist’ – Kim Wilson

Television – Telemovie or Miniseries of 4 Hours or Less Duration, Including Original and Adapted Works
A Sunburnt Christmas – Elliot Vella, Gretel Vella and Timothy Walker
New Gold Mountain – Peter Cox, Yolanda Ramke, Benjamin Law, Greg Waters and Pip

Television – Serial
Home and Away: Episode 7433 – Andrew Gardner
Neighbours: Episode 8328 – Jessica Paine
Neighbours: Episode 8367 – Peter Mattessi
Neighbours: Episode 8498 – Jason Herbison

Comedy – Situation or Narrative
Aftertaste: Season 1, ‘The Beauty and the Terroir’ – Matthew Bate
Fisk: Season 1, ‘Portrait of a Lady’ – Penny Flanagan with Kitty Flanagan
Retrograde: Season 1, Episode 3 – Declan Fay
Why Are You Like This: Season 1, ‘The Pressures of Late Capitalism’ – Mark Bonanno, Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub

Comedy – Sketch or Light Entertainment
Gruen: Season 12, ‘Tools and Boots for Tools’ – James Colley and Sophie Braham
Reputation Rehab: Season 1, ‘Nick Kyrgios – The Bad Boy of Tennis’ – Sophie Braham with
Kirsten Drysdale, Zoe Norton Lodge and Melina Wicks
The Feed: ‘Comedy Sketches 2020’ – Ben Jenkins, Alex Lee, Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst

Children’s Television – ‘P’ Classification (Preschool – Under 5 Years), Original or Adapted, Animated or Performed
Kangaroo Beach: Season 1, ‘The Shark Prank’ – Simon Dodd and Tristan Dodd
Pocoyo: Season 4, ‘The Remote Control’ – Lina Foti
The Wonder Gang: Season 1, ‘Are Jellyfish Really Fish?’ – Wendy Hanna

Children’s Television – ‘C’ Classification (Children’s – 5–14 Years), Original or Adapted, Animated or Performed
Hardball: Season 2, ‘Matariki’ – Amy Stewart
The Gamers 2037: Season 1, ‘The Decision’ – Hannah Fitzpatrick
The Strange Chores: Season 2, ‘Unmask a Shapeshifter’ – John McGeachin
The Strange Chores: Season 2, ‘Wear a Mech Suit’ – Luke Tierney

Documentary – Public Broadcast (Including VOD) Or Exhibition
Ablaze – Alec Morgan with Tiriki Onus
Firestarter – Nel Minchin and Wayne Blair
Playing With Sharks – Sally Aitken
The Skin of Others – Tom Murray

Space Nova: Season 1, ‘Pamela Barnacle is Alive and Well’ – Melanie Alexander
Space Nova: Season 1, ‘Seaweed Samba’ – John Armstrong

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