“Everyone’s got a connection to those chocolates”

Yvie Jones turns 'Food Detective' for Nine's new Snackmasters contest.

Yvie Jones was in lockdown when she was invited to test as a ‘Food Detective’ for Nine’s new Snackmasters.

But she researched the UK original series on YouTube and sent a self-made audition video.

“I did a special little video of me loving snacks, dyeing my hair and saying, ‘Let me just show you into my pantry…’ and then I was in Coles confectionery aisle. So they knew I was coming with a bit of creativity,” she tells TV Tonight.

“It’s won 3 BAFTAs or something.”

“The UK version was so good. It’s won 3 BAFTAs or something.

“I absolutely loved my UK counterpart, Jayde Adam. I thought ‘I can see why they’re looking at me. We’re quite similar.’ We’re two big girls and very dry but with warm senses of humour.”

There are just 4 episodes in this first season, challenging seasoned chefs to recreate nostalgic take-away foods.

Pride is on the line as they try to recreate the Whopper, Cadburys chocolates, Twisties and a Drumstick ice-cream.

“There’s no recipe. They are given the product. They can look at the ingredients and taste it as much as they want. They’ve got three days to practice and then they’ve got to do it in front of the factory workers,” she explains.

“It’s hilarious watching factory workers who know this product inside and out, taste-test a top of the line chef and critiquing their work! It’s brilliant TV!

“The chefs have to replicate the snack exactly the same”

“The best part of it is that the chefs have to replicate the snack exactly the same. Even down to the little ridges underneath the chocolate.”

Filming took place across six months, challenged by lockdowns and border rules, meaning Jones didn’t even get to be in the same room as hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow. But her ‘detective’ role puts her on the factory floor learning how the products are made -including a visit to Mondelez Australia in Melbourne, where Cadburys is manufactured.

“It’s absolutely massive. It’s three times the size of the Tasmanian Cadburys factory,” she recalls.

“They’re all favourites from our childhood”

“We do Crunchie, Cherry Ripe and Picnic. They’re all favourites from our childhood. Everyone’s got a connection to those chocolates. But I also had no idea how many people love Cheese Twisties -I’m a Chicken fan.

“But at the end of the day, it’s really all about them trying to stop me from taking food off the assembly line! That’s the real story.”

There’s no prize, and no eliminations, but Jones is hoping if Nine’s first foray with the format works it will be back for a second helping.

“I think it’s going to go into a second season, because I think Australia is going to absolutely adore it.”

Snackmasters screens 7:30pm Monday & Tuesday on Nine.

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  1. “Everyone’s got a connection to those chocolates” Yep – and it’s usually about a foot down and a foot out from their mouths. Right next to the remote. And the Horizon 20s. Can’t wait to see if the life insurance ads outnumber the Ladbrokes ones during this. Hey – you could put a bet on that!

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