Matt Doran makes heartfelt apology, Seven denies $1m Adele costs.

Reporter Matt Doran gives classy apology over a botched interview, while the network shuts down speculation about the costs involved.

Seven presenter Matt Doran has given a classy response to the controversy surrounding a botched interview with singer Adele, after admitting he had not listen to her new album.

“I flew to London to interview Adele, an unspeakable privilege, for what was to be one of the highlights of my career,” he told Weekend Sunrise viewers.

“I made the terrible mistake of assuming we weren’t to be given a preview copy of this album because our interview was airing before it was released, and Adele’s album was the industry’s most-prized secret.”

A day after he landed he received an email from Sony with a link to her album.

“The genuine, dead-set, hand on heart truth is that I missed it. By an absurdly long margin, the most important email I’ve ever missed in my life,” Doran said.

Doran went on to apologise to Adele, her fans and viewers.

Meanwhile Angus Ross, Seven’s Director of Programming has also told TV Tonight, media reports of a $1m cost involved were false.

“That is categorically untrue. It is is completely fabricated,” he said.

“All the all the conjecture about how these things work is completely false. But hey, it’s a good story.

“I guess a million dollars is a nice big round figure that people still perceive as a lot of money. So why the hell not use it?”

Sony has so far denied Seven the chance to screen the interview.

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  1. Such a gross overreaction! Check out on YouTube, ABC TV’s One Plus One: Barry Humphries from a few years ago. The interviewer, someone called Jane Hutcheon, has the impertinence to admit she’s never see Barry live on stage, despite his decades-long career. Simply unprepared, unjustifiable and unforgivable!

  2. I watch a ridiculous amount of American late night talk shows where Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, all admitting every now and again that they haven’t read the book or saw the movie or heard the entire album to their guests over the years. This is such a who cares story made into way too many days of news.

  3. What a mountain out of a molehill. It’s not like he accidentally ran over her kid with his car or something.

    What I don’t understand with this is why Sony wouldn’t want to air the interview that everyone is talking about? It’s priceless publicity!

  4. I don’t think it’d be his “highlight of his career” moment.

    Might seem overblown but if you’re a professional, and you’ve been flown to the other side of the world by your employer, you’d do some research on the job you were tasked to do. Journalist gets excerpts from books, movies, albums so they can experience ask questions on the subject. Surely red flags would have been raised by himself when he had received nothing?

  5. He didn’t kill anybody, for goodness sake! Yes, it was an oversight. Yes, he should have checked more thoroughly perhaps but, holy hell, on a scale of where the world is sitting at the moment, this rates at 0! Makes me go right off buying Adele’s album. Seriously. It’s not world peace we’re talking here!

  6. It’s all a bit overblown this Adele stuff. I know she’s popular, but really, who cares? This apology is the most embarrassing part of the whole mess. Surely interviewing Adele wasn’t going to be the highlight of his career?

  7. Adele just overreacted…
    She got paid for interview…
    Maybe interview was more interesting about her life not music which she didn’t release on that day….
    She shouldn’t create big diva drama….

    1. Exactly,a singer and that’s all ,I would not have lowered myself to the extent that he has ,I’d have said an error in judgement or a simple apology but that’s all they would get from me.

  8. When we’ve had music and music charts interviewers like the famous Molly Meldrum in Australia, surely experience and history would compel networks to hire or select interviewers based on that caliber. People who are dedicated to, and appreciate the tasks they are given.

    1. what exactly did Adele and Sony do wrong that makes you think they should be the ones saying sorry? you’re making a grown man apoligise for not doing his job properly. while I’ve never worked on TV before, I assume part of the preparation for an interview about a new album is listening to the album. the grown man stuffed up, he’s said sorry and now the world moves on.

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