Seven, SBS pick up factual titles.

New docos from ITV on Dubai, Queen Elizabeth & history have been acquired.

New international titles from ITV have been picked up by Australian broadcasters.

Seven network acquiring Inside Dubai an entertaining peek behind the scenes of the desert paradise to reveal the jaw-dropping displays of luxury.

SBS has acquired a slew of programming, including historical factual titles Attila The Hun, Caesar’s Doomsday War and Lost Cities of the Trojans.

The Queen: Unseen will also air on the Seven network.

Nine recently picked up Love Island UK S7 and Love Island USA S3.

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  1. I remember SBS had doco about the history of the UAE. While it did have some interesting points, I did find it highly sanitized, skipping over some of their controversial points of history. The seven documentary description reminds me of SBS Monaco documentary which was like one long comercial and also a sanitized version of their history. I suppose it will have pretty pictures at least.

  2. I rather doubt that the 7 pick up will actually tell the truth of the Dubai situation-a virtual slave workforce of foreigners battling deadly conditions to create an unsustainable ‘paradise’ for the few…

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