Brooke splits from Bachelorette winner

6 week romance ends for Bachelorette couple.

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton has confirmed separating from winner Darvid Garayeli, less than 6 weeks after the series finale aired.

Whilst Garayeli took to social media to confirm the split, Blurton admitted she had hoped the news would remain private (not very practical in Bachelor-land).

“Starting the new year off with an end to a chapter and hopefully the beginning of another,” Garayeli wrote.

“Unfortunately Brooke and I have parted ways. While we genuinely thought we were each others person, things change and that’s okay.

“Please respect our privacy and that at the end of the day we are both just people with feelings.”

“I just want to say right now I’m finding this really quite overwhelming and just as surprising to me as you guys,” Blurton told her followers.

“I just woke up to the news. It was definitely agreed to part ways. I just wanted to do it privately amicably and respectfully. This is not how and what I expected to be doing right now so as you can imagine, this is all a lot.”

Earlier she noted, “I’ve had by far the best birthday in a very long time thanks to loved ones and some special people. So I just wanted to thank everyone for those who have been on this wild ride of 2021 with me and enjoyed the ride that it’s been.

“I’ve loved, learnt, hurt and lived this year that‘s for sure.”

It’s indeed been a roller-coaster for Blurton who also publicly fell out with friend and Love Island: Afterparty host Abbie Chatfield and tragically dealt with family grief in 2021.

Chatfield later apologised.

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  1. Wow this is disappointing. I hoped they would last the distance. Maybe she should have picked the other one whose name I can’t remember. She seemed to have a real connection with her & had known her for several years. I said at the time I hope by Christmas we won’t be hearing they have split up. And here we are. Again.

  2. How did i know this would happen. I dislike these reality shows; most reality shows really. None of the ‘love’ type ever seem to have lasting relationships.

  3. Now they’re ‘celebrities’ the “Please respect our privacy” will soon be out of the window. How soon before they appear on some ‘celebrity’ series of some other ‘reality’ programs?

  4. The scorecard so far: [Cribbed from Wikipedia]
    Bachelorette: 1 from 7
    Bachelor: 5 from 9
    …in Paradise: 2 from 9 (3 seasons)
    Married at First Sight: 5 from 72 (8 seasons)

    It’s almost, *almost*, like these shows aren’t actually designed to produce long-lasting relationships.

  5. FTA Reality programming delivering yet another top quality outcome. Makes the whole on-air ‘journey’ worthwhile. How devastating that nobody outside their actual family and friends circle will ever hear another thing about them. “Why is TV showing us this?” ;-P

    1. Because 1m people will follow it, and many sit through the ads. From what I have seen about Brooke here, she seems to someone unlikely to ever settle down.

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