Hamish Blake confirms Celebrity Gogglebox fee

“Everyone gets the same; I didn’t even think about the money," says Hamish Blake.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…. media reports on celebrity salaries are nearly always a work of fiction.

Following a ridiculous Woman’s Day report that he was paid $500,000, Hamish Blake has confirmed his fee for Celebrity Gogglebox in an interview with Kyle & Jackie O.

“That blew me away,” he said. “[We were paid] $5000. Five, zero, zero zero.

“Everyone gets the same thing. There was never any discussion of money.”

Blake confirms he was secured on the show by executive producer David McDonald, who also produces Lego Masters.

“Literally, over lunch one day he goes, ‘Hey we’re doing a celebrity version of Gogglebox,’ and I was like, ‘Mate we’ll do that, that sounds like great fun.’”

He and wife Zoe Foster Blake jumped on board because they were simply “fans of the show”.

“And then that [report] came out and I was like, no one would believe it … No one cares anyway,” he said.

“Everyone gets the same; I didn’t even think about the money.”

Gogglebox duo Adam Densten & Symon Lovett recently told TV Tonight they weren’t fazed by duboious reports of salaries.

“I don’t really mind. I don’t really concern myself with it. It’s kind of like, ‘if they do, they do…. it they don’t they don’t. It is what it is,” they said.

“Them getting paid doesn’t really affect my life.”

Celebrity Gogglebox is returning later this year although the mix of cast may be subject to availability.

Via: news.com.au

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  1. Would have been even better if Hamish had followed up “I didn’t even think about the money ” with ” And I donated the lot to ( insert favourite charity here.)
    $5,000 to the Hamish household is roughly $50 to regular punters I would imagine.

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