10 unveils The Bachelors

Triple the romance in 10's revamped reality series, now known as The Bachelors.

Following media speculation, 10 has confirmed 3 single men for a revamped season of (the renamed) The Bachelors.

At 198cm, 27-year-old Victorian marketing manager and Melbourne Tigers basketballer, Felix Von Hofe said: “For me, the most attractive quality a girl can have is a good sense of humour. My dream date would be anything where it ends up hurting to laugh, because if we’re both laughing the whole time then it can’t get much better.”

35-year-old restaurant manager Thomas Malucelli from Sydney is a hopeless romantic. Born in Italy, he notes meditation and mindfulness as favourite pastimes, but also is also a self-confessed adrenaline junkie and outdoors man.

Describing himself as loyal and motivated, he is looking for a woman who is confident, honest and a great communicator.

Thomas said: “The idea of finding the love of my life in a context that is so out of my comfort zone really excites me.”

The third Bachelor is 25-year-old Mood Monroe lead drummer and songwriter, Jed McIntosh, from Victoria.

Described as a tough boy with impressive body art he is “a sensitive man with a very big heart. Proud to stand out from the crowd, Jed’s looking for a woman who is confident, passionate, empathetic, and ready to commit.”

“A woman willing to find love on a public platform is the confidence I need in a partner,” said Jed.

Filming continues on the Gold Coast at a “Hollywood-esque style mansion” complete with a resort-style swimming pool, open fireplace, cinema room and wet bar.

Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Bachelors Australia is made by Warner Bros. International Television Production and coming later this year to 10.


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  1. Can’t believe it, just after doing a fantastic job with diversity and difference for the bachelorette last year, they go and put 3 white men in the show. The whole thing looks absolutely ridiculous. I’ve always been a fan and watched regardless but this is just ridiculous in so many ways.

    1. Bachelor in the US has been running for 26 seasons. It’s quite the staple so don’t agree that you therefore need to dump. On the other hand, it’s been a successful franchise for a reason – particularly in the US – and I don’t think they should radically change it. Having 3 guys will radically change the dynamic, and I suspect not in a good way. Ever wondered why the guys and girls get obsessed about the Bachelor/ette – because they trap them for weeks with a guy or girl on a pedestal. So introduce other guys or girls, and that goes away. Feel like they should know this?

  2. If they were going to go down this path of having three Bachelors, you’d think that they’d make one gay/bi/pan/queer. That way there’d still be two men interested in women for the women who watch imagining themselves with the Bachelor and one for the men/others. Also, a lack of diversity with the Bachelors’ cultural background is really disappointing too.

  3. Smacks of desperation. By trying to appeal to a broader audience, this runs the risk of pleasing nobody while alienating long-term viewers.

    And I’ve raised this point before, and to those crying “diversity”, does it not occur to people that those from Eastern and/or otherwise generally conservative cultures would not want to humiliate themselves, their families, and their future families (whether that spouse is found via the show or not) by appearing in shows like this? Perhaps the majority don’t believe that exchanging saliva with a dozen people is conducive to finding a faithful spouse.

    Formats like this don’t even exist in many countries because they would be deemed lewd and offensive by the majority. Shows like this, by their very nature, are not inclusive in the vein of something like MasterChef, which does not place undue pressure on people to forfeit their inhibitions and core values. Reducing “diversity” to mere superficialities benefits no-one.

      1. It goes to the show as a whole, so that includes all the girls and production crew. I’m just not convinced we’ve had enough context yet, but agree it needed to be communicated better.

  4. I know the ratings have been in trouble the last few years (and I’ve never been a big fan of stunt casting) but you gotta hand it to em – it’s a strong move scoring Nerf Gun Kelly as one of the Bachelors.

  5. These reeks of desperation but I may give it a go lol

    I wish theyd bring back bachy in paradise! Or being back half returning girls and new girls

    1. Although I probably will still tune into at least the premiere this year to see how it goes…hoping they give us a normal series of The Bachelorette this year though.

  6. So if this doesn’t fire for Ten and doesn’t give this tired format a boost can we expect Bachelors All Stars next year. All previous Bachelors back in one big season on a second quest for love?

    You can absolutely see how tired all the reality brands are on FTA today.

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