Selling Houses Australia: May 18

In Chifley, Michelle & Garry wanted to invest in a dual occupancy property, but need help to transform their property and retire worry-free.

Selling Houses Australia is in Chifley, NSW, tonight.

Michelle & Garry wanted to invest in a dual occupancy property to secure their retirement and eventually give something to their kids. Unfortunately, that plan backfired, and they have been under immense financial stress for the last two years. COVID has meant their tenants were unable to pay rent, so the couple have had to fork out repayments out of their own pocket. Michelle and Garry decided to sell their investment property, but buyers were put off by the very unkept and poorly maintained unit at the rear of the property. This hardworking couple needs the Selling Houses Australia team to help them transform their property so they can sell up and retire worry free.

Wednesday May 18 at 8.30pm on Foxtel.

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  1. Does anyone know when and if this current series will screen on FTA tv?It would be great if it was like Gogglebox and screened on FTA the following day.

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