Who will land a Gold Logie nomination?

First nominations in 3 years are due ... but which names did networks put forward for the Gold?

Tomorrow Australia will have its first Logie nominees in three years.

But there are big changes to the way nominations have been assembled this year making it very hard to tip the likely names.

This year networks were invited to put forward 6 names which then proceed to industry judges.

Organisers Rizer also factor in the ratings this year and have stated that being outside of primetime or on a multichannel won’t disadvantage anybody. Streamers, which are also eligible this year, didn’t supply viewing numbers.

Given the Logies profile networks will also see this as a marketing opportunity for key talent and shows that are a continuing proposition -as opposed to a show that has screened its final episode.

With that in mind, in no particular order, here are a few names we might see for Gold tomorrow?

Hamish Blake, Melissa Leong, Tom Gleeson, Sonia Kruger, Sam Pang, Tracy Grimshaw, Ray Meagher, Julia Morris, Deborah Mailman, Andrew Winter, Pamela Rabe, Liz Hayes, Bruce McAvaney, Rodger Corser, Shaun Micallef, Amanda Keller, Scott Cam, Dr. Chris Brown, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Leigh Sales, Kitty Flanagan, Adam Liaw, Celia Pacquola….

But of course there’s only one name that truly belongs there.


Nominations published 10am AEST Sunday!


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  1. Tom Gleeson should be banned from being nominated after he manipulated the voting and won the logie. Anyway does he really need a logie for saying nasty things to people on his show.

  2. In 2019, Seven & Sunrise campaigned for Sam Mac to be up for the Gold Logie. He ended up being nominated, but lost to Tom Gleeson. Mac got nominated from a list of well over100 “candidates”. Is there anything stopping Seven from just adding Sam Mac’s name again, but this time omitting Kochie, Nat Barr and Mark Berretta from the list?

    Also, 7 names are put forward from each channel – so that’s 42 (7 from each ABC, 7, 9, 10, SBS and Foxtel) plus a handful from streaming. So maybe up to 50 “candidates”. can be up for Gold, which is less than when the public voted.

    Cant wait for the morning to see who is up for nominations in all categories.

  3. I’m interested to see what care factor audiences have left for The Logies. After a two year absence and streaming services providing much international content, many may not watch much AUS commercial television (besides MAFS) and wouldn’t know half the programs, or the personalities that are on them. While a lot watch on catch up services, an awards event is usually best watched live. As they are not in Melbourne or Sydney where a lot of media are based, networks may not bother sending up key talent given the costs involved and covid.

    But I think Hamish Blake is pretty popular so my money’s on him – at least as a gold nomination.

  4. A shame that we don’t get to see the 7 names the networks put out for the Gold Nominations.

    But i would like to see Tom Gleeson, Shaun Micallef and Sam Pang nominated for the the Gold (for their comedic roles). The three are great.

    Id like to see Adam Liaw nominated too – whether for the Gold, Most Popular Presenter or at least Most Popular Lifestyle Show. His The Cook Up show is great, and underrated.

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