10 holds off The Bachelorette for 2022

Only one edition of the dating franchise to screen on 10 this year.

While The Bachelors is filming on the Gold Coast, 10 has confirmed it will not screen The Bachelorette this year.

Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer, Paramount Australia and New Zealand, Beverley McGarvey tells TV Tonight, “We probably won’t have an iteration of Bachelorette that is on air this year.

“But actually we haven’t always had an iteration of Bachelorette on air every year. If you think way back to the beginning, we had two or three years that we didn’t, and then we introduced Bachelorette.”

10 previously confirmed the series for 2022 but later announced The Real Love Boat which is expected to take its place in the schedule.

Although it is resting, 10 has not ruled out returning to The Bachelorette in the future.

“I think given the environment that we’re in, the audience is telling us they want to see some of those legacy formats move forward a bit, which we really want to do with that show, because we really respect the brand and the audience loves it. So I think a little bit of scarcity this year, is probably going to help us move forward.”

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  1. Whilst I personally find this franchise to be the nadir of 10’s repertoire, as a flight attendant, it would seem almost every single one of my colleagues watches and is addicted so you can’t deny its reach.

  2. I’m almost surprised that 10 haven’t been tripling down on their boasting of The Bachelorette’s previous “groundbreaking” season, whose pitiful viewing figures spoke for itself. “Diversity” is meaningless if it’s only superficial, and the criticism levelled towards both series last year was with respect to how dull the protagonists were as opposed to their complexion and/or lineage.

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