Ryan Corr unveils House of the Dragon premiere

Stars were out on force for the Game of Thrones prequel at Moore Park on Tuesday.

Actor Ryan Corr was guest of honour last night at the Australian premiere of House of the Dragon.

Binge screened episode one for guests at Hoyts Moore Park with Corr as one of two Australians to feature in the series. Actor Milly Alcock, who stars as Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, sent a video introducing the Game of Thrones prequel.

In the crowd were Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor), Tim Campbell (Gogglebox), Anthony Callea (Gogglebox), William Lodder (Love Me), Mitzi Ruhlmann (Love Me), Ngali Shaw (The Twelve), Jenni Baird (The Twelve), Hamish Michael (The Twelve), Matt Nable (The Twelve / Mr Inbetween), Bernard Curry (Wentworth), Helen Thomson (Colin From Accounts), Genevieve Hegney (Colin From Accounts).

Ryan Corr told TV Tonight about filming his role as Ser Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong.

“We shot at Levesden Studios. So every day we walk past the Harry Potter Studios, and next door to Aquaman. It all takes place in a big lot in the back of Warner Brothers and outdoors was mostly in Spain,” he said.

“The temperature is different 200 years before. The whole tone of this series is much much warmer. I think the geography and where we were shooting very much played a part into that.”

Asked if his character deals with action, romance or conspiracy he replied, “A combination of those things. When I first got there, I was chucked in boxing gloves and given a sword. There’s 13 action men and you’re throwing one over the table. So we had huge amounts of stunts training.

“But Harwin’s a hunter and and a knight from the Riverlands. Son of the Master of Laws. ”

Of course Corr is also well versed in not giving away any storylines for fear of breaching strict security rules.

“I feel like if I do mention anything something from Warner Brothers will fall through the roof,” he laughed.

“I can’t tell you any of those things!”

House of the Dragon debuts 11am Monday on FOX Showcase and Binge.

Photo:  James Gourley

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