Big Sunday share for Nine

T20 World Cup on 9GEM adds to large crowds for The Block and 60 Minutes as Nine eclipses a 40% share.

Nine’s share pipped the 40% mark on Sunday thanks to The Block, 60 Minutes and a big 8.3% share on 9GEM thanks to the T20 World Cup.

At 1.01m metro viewers The Block was double the competition and topped the demos.

Next were Australia’s Got Talent (515,000), and from 7:30pm Inside the Sydney Opera House (330,000) and The Traitors (221,000).

Later 60 Minutes (701,000) outranked The Disappearance Of Grace Millane (264,000) and Significant Others (251,000).

T20 World Cup pulled up to 248,000 on 9GEM and topped multichannels.

Nine network won Sunday with 40.8% then Seven 27.2%, ABC 13.0%, 10 11.8% and SBS 7.3%.

Nine News drew 812,000 with a Late edition at 329,000.

Seven News led with 897,000. In Perth Telethon scored 148,000 / 137,000.

ABC News was 515,000. Silent Witness (182,000) and Frankly (120,000) followed.

The Sunday Project drew 240,000 / 215,000 for 10. 10 News First was 254,000 / 184,000. NCIS: Hawaii was 122,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (171,00 / 128,000),  Curse of the Ancients (135,000), and Treasures Of Istanbul (100,000).

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Silent Witness: 505,000
Significant Others: 742,000
NCIS Hawaii: 243,000
The Traitors: 466,000
The Block: 1.76m
Murder in the Goldfields: 434,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 23 October 2022

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  1. That would be one of the rare occasions where a pay TV broadcast of a sport event which is also on free to air nearly rates as well as free to air. 225,000 on Fox compared to 248,000 on 9Gem.

    I wonder if the regional audience for the game might have skewed towards Fox due to lack of HD for 9Gem in most regional areas?

    1. I don’t think numbers will be skewed because regional affiliates only have GEM in SD. The main reason people (including myself) watch Fox Cricket is no adverts after each over. Makes watching the coverage so more enjoyable.

  2. I was lucky to see the T20 game on FTA. Having the game on FTA will increase its exposure to the sport. Without cricket, sport will not survive. Thsi was the case for 9 back in 2018 when they ditched the cricket and opted for tennis. And sadly 9 had to lose the rights, becuase CA announced a billion-dollar broadcasting deal for 7/Fox. Some commentators have left Nine (except Mark Taylor).

  3. Incredible ratings for a cricket match not involving Australia – and on a digital channel.
    (GEM outrated main channel 10).
    Also amazing that over 90,000 people packed the MCG (despite dodgy weather forecast) to see non-Aussie teams. Shows Melbourne is sports capital.

    1. According to the commentary, 90 293 have attended the MCG. India-Pakistan has a very strong rivalry between these two teams. This is similar to the rivalry between Australia/England, which compete in the Ashes since 1877.

  4. What a bad night for 10. I saw glimpses of The Traitors via Gogglebox over the weekend, it did not look great. Apart from Masterchef, 10 is not going great in my view with reality programming. It’s either cheap new concepts, destroyed formats (TAR Australia), or tired formats. They really need a strong format or drama, but the networks have almost killed off hope of regaining overnight audience for drama, and there isn’t much left at the bottom of the reality barrell which would make a ratings hit.

    1. Hunted worked for 10 – really the only new show that has been a success this year. I think generally there will be more flops that hits, but you won’t know unless you try, so have to give points to 10 for at least doing that.

    2. “the networks have almost killed off hope of regaining overnight audience for drama” because they repeat programs ad nauseam the next day, later in the week, across the weekend, so much that there’s no interest in watching anything ‘first run’. Monday afternoon is a rerun of last night on 9 and 10. Tuesday afternoon will be a rerun of tonight’s programs. Then if you can’t wait for that they constantly promote programs on their ‘on demand’ systems. Look at 10’s handling of “new” NCIS tvtonight.com.au/2022/10/returning-ncis-16.html Seems it’s “new” on Tuesdays then repeated on Saturdays, promoted as “new season”. How many times each week is “Cheap Seats” repeated? For now, until they change it. The great white knight CBS and its “we know better” fly-ins are keeping the #4 network at #4, behind ABC – and not far ahead of SBS.

  5. AGT was great last night! I stand corrected from an old post I wrote where I dissed Shane, Kate and Ricki. The judges and Ricki lee are all gelling well together and the acts are all really good and varied this season. I notice AGT is getting a high 7 x day audience figure no doubt because The Block is smashing everyone in the slot so people are watching it later, in saying that 515k fir AGT just in the 5 cap cities is still a pretty good figure against The Block.

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