The Block on top as auction date nears

The Block, 60 Minutes and T20 World Cup a winning combo for Nine. 10 stays under 250,000 viewers.

As it enters its final week, The Block continues to rule, last night at #1 with 975,000 metro viewers, despite much of it being a recap edition.

But 10 was unable to rise above 250,000 viewers.

The Block was well in front of AGT (518,000), Inside the Sydney Opera House (339,000), and The Traitors (225,000)

Later 60 Minutes (515,000), Prince Andrew: Banished (293,000) and Significant Others (258,000).

Meanwhile the Supercars Championship pulled up to 270,000.

Nine network easily won Sunday with 35.8% then Seven 29.2%, ABC 13.1%, 10 12.9% and SBS 9.0%.

Nine News drew 774,000 with a late edition at 266,000.

Seven News won its slot at 871,000

ABC News pulled 510,000 for ABC. Silent Witness (162,000) and Frankly (140,000) followed.

The Sunday Project drew 236,000 / 179,000 for 10. 10 News First managed 196,000 / 170,000. NCIS: Hawaii was 128,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (170,000 / 115,000), Curse of the Ancients (153,000) and Lost Cities of the Bible (108,000).

T20 World Cup led multichannels at 118,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Significant Others: 537,000
The Traitors: 398,000
The Block: 1.81m
Insiders: 532,000
AGT: 892,000
SBS World News: 251,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 30 October 2022

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  1. Martin, I stand beside you! I’m really enjoying The Traitors. Not really liking some of the cast, but the format is good. Reminds me of SurvivorAU.
    I’m surprised at the popularity of the Block. Have never liked it. Too bad The Traitors have to compete with such a popular show at this time.

  2. The family show AGT going straight into the Prince Andrew scandal documentary was severely jarring. Sordid details were given right from the beginning, seemingly without any warning or break between the programs. A continuity fail and a massive drop in ratings from the lead-in.

    1. Continuity, or Program Presentation these days is crap. 10 is probably the worst offender. Hard to know when one program has ended and the next has commenced, especially with the same genre such as cop shows. Yes, we know the reason is to hold viewers but rarely works I would suggest. Seven lost 43% of their audience with a Peacock streaming documentary that told us nothing new. Same old interviewees, same old NewsNight segment. I switched off after a short time to see 9 Late News. Such is the current quality of Sunday night tv.

      1. I agree, 10 are shocking at doing this……very confusing for oldie….I usually flick to ABC News or turn off the TV….wish a regulator could make them stop…totally spoils the mood of what we were just watching 😡

    1. I still think the challenges are the very low part of the show… they just aren’t compelling or designed very well. However the banishments are among the best of reality tv this year. Last night’s reaction after Matt was banished was absolutely hilarious.

  3. Those Sunday night news figures for both 7 and 9 seem very low….and The Project even more diabolical. Have they been that low consistently? You’d think putting just about anything in that slot would rate either the same or better – and be considerably cheaper to make?

    1. There certainly seems to have been a real drop for Seven and Nine News over the last few months. Previously news programs seemed to be unaffected by the move to streaming but there is clearly a trend happening. Nine especially seem to have lost about a quarter of their average nightly news audience in about three months despite newsworthy events such as major flooding.
      For me TEN’s news decisions remain inexplicable. They cling to The Project no matter how low its ratings go and fill another hour of prime time every night repeating it. By all accounts it is a brutally expensive program to produce yet it seems untouchable. Their ninety minutes of news preceding it is even worse ratings wise and would be cut back to 30 minutes by any wise broadcaster. I have simply never understood TEN’s “Do Nothing” approach to ratings disasters in that 5,00pm to 7.30pm time slot.

  4. It looks like I’m the only one enjoying the traitors. I’m glad channel 10 tried new things even though the shows haven’t taken off.
    Australians like old formats, so many it’s time for x factory to come back or Rove or full frontal etc.

    1. New formats Goggle Box, HYBPA? and The Cheap Seats all rate, or rated well. At present there’s an over-saturation of ‘dating’ or fornicating programs. As for The Traitors, am still trying to make sense of it. With The Voice, Australian Idol, is there room for The X Factor(y)? For something like Full Frontal it’s all dependent on the writers, and well, say no more.

    2. I’m a big fan of the Traitors too and like that 10 try new ideas. I think the issue is more around the fact that most of the popular reality shows are “check your brain at the door” types. The Traitors on the other hand gets you thinking. I suspect the average viewer at 7:30 wants something that doesn’t require much thought, which is a shame.

      I also think 10 made a mistake launching the show on a Sunday night up against the Block. I think 10 should play the show again over summer at 7:30. That might help the show gain a bigger audience and perhaps we can gain a second season. It’s a very interesting show once you get into it.

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