Gardening Australia: Summer special

It's summer gardens and recognising gardeners of all abilities this week.

Summer is here, and this week Gardening Australia celebrates the bounty of summer gardens.

The episode is also recognising International Day of People with Disabilities, by showcasing inspiring gardeners of all abilities.

Cultivating Careers (Ngunnawal Country and Canberra, ACT)

Costa Georgiadis
Costa gets hands-on with a group of professional landscapers to learn how a Canberra gardening crew empowers workers of all abilities.

Daylily Dreaming (Ballardong Country and Beverley, WA)

Josh Byrne
Josh heads out to the Wheatbelt to meet a woman who has cultivated an awe-inspiring collection of over 750 daylily varieties.

Water Cooler Moments (Kabi Kabi Country and Sunshine Coast, Qld)

Millie Ross
Millie makes space for wildlife and water plants by creating ponds and drinking spots at different levels throughout her garden.

Whipping Weeds (Muwinina Country and Hobart, Tas)

Hannah Moloney
Hannah shares her simple, stress-free methods to keep various weeds under control in all areas of the garden.

Defending Dunes (Kaurna Country and Adelaide, SA)

Sophie Thomson
Sophie learns about the biodiversity of coastal dunes, and the revegetation efforts to preserve and maintain these delicate ecosystems.

My Garden Path (Wiradjuri Country and Alfredtown, NSW)

We meet Jacqui Stevenson and her father, Brett, who have transformed their farm into an accessible perennial paradise.

Tips & Tricks
Jerry shows how to propagate tassel ferns; Clarence decodes different types of mulch; Jane recommends native plants perfect for pruning.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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