Airdate: The Other Fellow

VICELAND doco explores the question, what if your name really was James Bond?

What would it be like to share your name with legendary movie spy James Bond?

That’s the question director Matthew Bauer is determined to answer in The Other Fellow the untold story of the real James Bond[s].

“When I was finishing my thesis at NYU Film School, somewhere from the aether appeared the enticing question, ‘What would it be like to have the name James Bond?'” he asks.

“That simple thought has taken me on a figurative and literal journey across the world over a number of years, and has uncovered a myriad fascinating, wholly divergent stories. It now feels like the perfect time and place to return down under, to my own part of the world, to premiere The Other Fellow. In the sixtieth anniversary year of the James Bond film series and as questions rage about the gender, race, and identity of the next movie 007, suddenly The Other Fellow holds great, fascinating resonance.”

The Other Fellow is co-written by Matthew Bauer and Rene van Pannevis and produced by Michelle Brøndum for Mission Brief and Jante Films.

Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the 007 series, screens 9:25pm Saturday December 10 on SBS VICELAND.


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  1. I worked in London with a guy named James Bond. I think it was a burden for him. Strange thing was, it was in the early noughties and he was 20-something so his parents would have been well-aware of the Bond character

  2. Recently watched a Fox Doco on people with the name “Hitler.” That was interesting viewing, the discrimination some suffered especially a young father who decided to name his son Adolf (who knows why). We don’t pick our names but we have to live with the decision others make. Thanks for deed poles.

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