Last ever Endeavour

After just airing in the UK last ever episode with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam screens on ABC.

After 10 years, producers Mammoth Screen, and screenwriter Russell Lewis, Shaun Evans and Roger Allam mutually decided to bring Endeavour to a close.

On Friday night ABC screens the last ever episode which only screened in the UK this week.

The description for the final ever episode reads: “Morse’s investigation into a number of untimely death notices in the Oxford Mail, each with a cryptic message, takes him to a series of funerals before forcing him to confront his own mortality.

“Thursday is facing more than one confrontation of his own as his past closes in on him, while he resorts to desperate measures to protect those he loves most.”

Friday 3 March at 8.30pm on ABC.

4 Responses

  1. I saved it until it’s final hours left on the ABC.
    I couldn’t bear for it to end.
    I started watching this before ever seeing an episode of Inspector Morse.
    It’s been one of my favourite shows.

  2. Hi David, Do you know if we’ll get the special that screened after the last episode in the UK? From what I’ve seen online, this looks like a fitting end to what’s been a wonderful series.

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