Gardening Australia: Easter special

An Easter basket is filled this week with beautiful blooms, community, plantlovers, a DIY project, and the most majestic of birds.

It’s a Gardening Australia Easter basket this week, filled with beautiful blooms, community, plantlovers, a DIY project, and the most majestic of birds.

Vegie Bowls (Gadigal & Wangal Country & Petersham, NSW)
Costa Georgiadis Costa visits a bowls club that has become a centre for family, friends, and gatherings, with its community garden, tool library, and of course, perfect turf.

Growing Green Webs (Dharawal Country & Grays Point, NSW) Clarence Slockee Clarence learns about a program growing a network of native plantings throughout public and private property to create wildlife corridors in a stunning part of Sydney.

Subtropical Bulbs (Quandamooka, Turrbal & Yuggera Country & Brisbane, Qld) Jerry Coleby-Williams Jerry shares his favourite bulbs for warm climate gardeners to enjoy fantastic flowers and foliage, all year round.

Packed to the Max (Muwinina Country & South Hobart, Tas) Hannah Moloney Hannah tours the garden of a couple who have downsized, but still managed to squeeze heaps of productive plantings into their small garden.

Wheelbarrow Reno (Taungurung Country & Central Vic) Millie Ross Millie converts a clapped-out rusted wheelbarrow into a flatbed that is perfect for transporting punnets of plants.

My Garden Path (Whadjuk Country & Parkerville, WA) We meet Simon Cherriman, an ornithologist who has tracked wedge-tailed eagle populations to expand our understanding of these apex predators.

Tips & Tricks
Tammy recommends plants for self-watering pots; Josh shares tips to attract frogs; Jane explains the difference between edible and ornamental pomegranates.

Costa is bowled over by terrific turf; Clarence traces a green web of gardens; Hannah tours a downsized productive patch; Jerry shares bulbs for the subtropics; Millie renovates a wheelbarrow; we meet bird-loving ecologist.

Production credit: Executive Producer, Gill Lomas.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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