Barons heads to The CW

ABC surf drama will screen as part of a summer line-up on US network The CW.

Australian surf drama Barons will screen on The CW as part of its summer line-up on Monday 29 May at 9pm.

It isn’t clear if the move is in response to the US Writers’ Strike which is now underway stateside.

The drama, produced by Micanical Media, 2 Jons and Fremantle Australia, tells the story  of two best friends, inspired by their love for the Australian beach, who create what will become rival iconic surf brands.

Starring Sean Keenan, Ben O’Toole, Jillian Nguyen, Hunter Page-Lochard, with Lincoln Younes and George Pullar, it screened on ABC in 2022.

Michael Lawrence, Micanical Media, said: “We are thrilled that this brilliant cast, made up of Australia’s finest young actors, has the CW as a platform to showcase their extraordinary talent and hard work.”

John Molloy, 2 Jons, said: “The CW is the perfect partner for Barons. We hope our show about youth, adventure, risk and love connects with US audiences.”

It was created by Liz Doran, Michael Lawrence and John Molloy and directed by Shawn Seet and Fadia Abboud in collaboration with surf director Taylor Steele.

Greg Woods, CEO Fremantle Australia, said; “Fremantle Australia is very proud of the show and the team that came together to produce it and we feel it’s found a natural and exciting prime time home in the US with the CW.”

The series is also nominated for Best Mini Series at the Screen Producers Australia Awards at Screen Forever and Best Ensemble at the Equity Awards.

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  1. CBS News reported this move in the states back on April 24th. I would assume that this was planned well before the writers strike. Regardless of the CW’s reasoning for picking up this program, it is great to see Australian made content airing in the states, where it can be exposed to a much larger audience.

  2. Guessing it’ll have to be edited for language and nudity so as not to offend Americans in between news coverage of that day’s mass shooting.

  3. Anything that CBS or WB were going to produce for the The CW would already be scripted. It’s because WB and CBS axed most of the CW’s show before they sold it to Nexstar. They were already relying on Family Law and repeats to fill their schedule before Nexstar axed more shows and fired a lot of employees. The CW ran at a loss for it’s entire existence. It’s previous owners CBS and WB made money out of producing shows for 16-34s and selling them overseas. The delay in sale was because CBS and WB wanted Nexstar to buy all it’s content from them so they could continue this, Nexstar eventually got a deal that allowed them to air other content and they are.

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